You And Your Belt: What To Look Out For When Buying A Belt

You And Your Belt: What To Look Out For When Buying A Belt

Well, this topic might not seat well with a lot of the male folk as most of us rarely consider the importance of wearing a belt the right way as few consider it as an important fashion accessory. Like it or not, wearing a belt the proper way is a very important way of judging if your fashion statement is of stylish and classy enough. Getting this seemingly simple task well, will definitely make you appear as a man who is stylish enough to dress appropriately. Failing to get this right either by mismatching the colour or similar errors is a pointer to the fact that there is still a little to be learnt in the area of stylish dressing.

Moreover, there are basic rules as regards the types of belts to use with certain clothes which requires hard or fast rule but the most basic of them all and of cause, individual style and taste to guarantee the most appropriate style. The basic rules

Belt Length
The length of your belt is quite important if you don’t want to look stylishly stupid. It is ideal for the belt to have some inches to the left of the buckle when fastened. Having a long tail on your belt makes your appearance awkward especially for dress belts but might be a permissible for casual belts which allows a little more flexibility. It is thus better to have a short belt that goes quarter or at most halfway rather than one that can go two times over.

Belt size
Belts bought from stores usually come with their lengths and size inscribed on them. The sizes of the belt come in relation to the sizes of trouser pants. It is ideal to go for a belt that is either two or three sizes larger than the trousers you are wearing in order to obtain a good fit. For example, if the length of your trouser waist is 32″, it is best to go for a belt that is within the 34″ to 36″ size. Well, the best bet is to try the belt on your waist over the trousers at the point of buying to know if you’ve got the right size.

Belt Colours
Well colours are important in all forms of dressing and your belt is no exception. The basic rule is leather goes with leather, that is brown leather belt goes with brown leather shoes as does black belt with black shoes. More so, cloth belts can be matched with cloth shoes of different colours and glossy belts with shiny polished shoes. Also, casual shoes gives you freedom to wear any type of belt.
Animal patterns
The rich and classy usually have a thing for expensive belts which were produced with animal skin and hides. However, no matter how expensive it is, animal patterned belts are majorly meant for casual outfits. Snake skin and those of reptiles are usually of good quality but should nevertheless be used along with casual wears. Animal skin seems too bright and flashy for corporate and business settings and will usually draw unnecessary attention except if you’re a show biz person who needs all the attention he can garner to be drawn to his midsection. This is also applicable to belts with with bright colours such as yellow or red. (to be continued).


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