Alice’s Best Five Engagement Proposal Ideas

Alice’s Best Five Engagement Proposal Ideasfg
There is something every girl looks forward to apart from her wedding ceremony and that is her proposal, the time the guy will show up with the ring and pop the question. Thanks to the many Hollywood movies, girls don’t want the traditional and boring way of proposing to the girl; you know where your mother will be his mouthpiece and will have to inquire if you will marry him on his behalf, lobatan, you are engaged. Every girl wants the fairy-tale kind of proposal that will have tongues wagging and skins turning green with envy for a long time and then have it featured on wedding digest, bella naija and co. I, for one will want the modern and more romantic form of proposal because it shows the extent at which a guy will/can go to just to convince you he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.
These modern ways of proposing is very good but if care is not taken, it can turn out cheesy, boring and you may end up looking as if you are trying too hard to please. Because I am a die-hard romantic, I have put together my top 5 proposal ideas. Some of them are somehow expensive but for a girl you love and wants to settle down with, no amount of cash is too much to show her you want her and only her. Note that you have to really put into consideration what your girl loves to do or enjoys the most when planning the proposal.
  1. The Traditional Way With A Modern Twist: if she’s the mummy/daddy’s angel kind of girl or she values family time a lot, she will really love this. Plan a little family get together but inform the parents of your intention to marry their child. At the family dinner, let the father make a little speech about both of you. While he’s at it, her sister or brother (it will be so much sweeter if the sibling is still young like 3-8. If she doesn’t have, you can always use her favourite cousin, niece or nephew) will come in with the wedding ring and your own younger sibling it cousin or nephew almost the same age will come in with a placard that has something really cute written on it. You can use the regular “Will you marry me?” or use something else like “we want you to be a part of our family, please marry my brother/uncle”.
  2. The Dinner At Sunset: I love watching the sun set. There is something beautiful about it that just makes it so romantic. If you can get a building with an open rooftop, it will even be more beautiful. Get the rooftop set for a romantic dinner for two. You can hire a wonderful chef to cook her some of her best dishes but if you are a good cook, it will be awesome to do the cooking yourself. If you can afford it, get an artist (you don’t have to go as far as hiring Davido them but someone who can sing beautifully from your church choir will do so as to save you money) who can play the guitar. If you can’t, your iPod+speakers will do the trick. As she sits down, the musician starts to sing her favorite love song (if you have a special song, this will be perfect) or play the music and then you go on your knee. This is simple and also very romantic. I like this because it’s just both of you enjoying the special moment. You can do it your own style. This proposal is very very versatile
  3. The Beach Affair: this is my second favorite proposal idea. I often daydream about being proposed to this way. You can take her to a private resort for the weekend or just a normal day out at the beach or get her friends into tricking her to come; it all depends on how you want it done. Early in the morning or in the evening is the best time for this as the weather is cool and calm. You can just write the will you marry on the floor and kneel down beside it but this is how I love the beach kind of proposal. If you’ve brought her to the beach on a weekend cruise, buy her a lovely dress (the kind that suits the environment), put a note beside it telling her to wear the dress and meet you where you are going to pop the question. Hire a musical band to spice things up if you can afford it. As she gets close to you, recite a beautiful poem for her. You may have friends and sisters over if you like. When you are done with the poem, go on your knees and pop the question. You can use sea shells to write it on the floor.
  4. The Loud And Expensive: if you have the money, this is a super romantic way to propose to your bae. You can do it at a musical concert where you pay for the organizers give you the chance to ask her to be your wife in front of thousands of people. You can do a billboard proposal. Just get her to go out with you, form minor problem and while you are trying to find a solution, your pictures starts showing on the billboard and then you look to him only to find him on his knee. You can also do it at the cinema. Take her to see a movie except she won’t be seeing a movie, she will be seeing your pictures and the big question on the screen. You can even go church with it. Propose to her in church on the altar (I have never seen that but I think it will really be cool).
  5. This 5th one, I can’t even think of a perfect subtitle. It is my favorite kind of proposal because it is just what I love. It reaches deep within your soul and it’s just so magical. Singing to me is one of my weaknesses. When the right person sings for me, I just practically melt (I hope future boo is noting this). I just want to wake up one glorious morning, to find rose petals on the floor. Then, I will trail the petals only to lead me to where he is. He will be sitting on a chair looking all handsome and regal. He will call me to him and I will sit on his laps. Then he will sing to me. As he sings, he will slip the ring on my finger. Sigh, I too like to dey imagine. Petals, candles answer music is just the perfect touch to any proposal. Another one like it is coming home from a hectic day at work and as you enter, you find different notes with sweet words on them. As you get to the bedroom, you meet rose petals, wine, chocolates and another note telling you that a bath has been prepared for you. You see more petals on your way till you get to the bathroom and sweet smelling candles lit around the bath. And as you are soaking and enjoying the awesome bath, he comes in singing to you. And then just when you think that’s all, he goes on his knees to propose to you.
And those are my best 5 proposal ideas. Please use the comment box to pick your choice and drop your own favorite proposal idea. Who knows, someone may just need that idea to propose to his woman.


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