INTERVIEW: Sigma Club Chief, talks about Sigma Club, Visions, Goals and What the University community should expect this new year & in the nearest future..

 Hello good evening, My name is Oluwatomisin Shittu, and I would be interviewing you for tonight

Sigma Chief : Good evening ma, I am Oyetunde Oluwamuyiwa, the Sigma Chief of Sigma Club

Alright,  Introduce yourself, so we could get to know you more.

Sigma Chief : My name is Oyetunde Oluwamuyiwa Joseph. I am a 500level student of Biomedical laboratory Science department. I am the Sigma Chief of Sigma Club.

Sigma Chief of Sigma Club, I see, That's a wonderful post to hold. Could you shed more light on the sigma club, so we understand what the club is about

Sigma Chief: Sigma Club is a sociophilantropic club. A student organisation established sometimes in mid March 1950 by six founding members whose ideas crystallized into form.
Two Club existed shortly before Sigma Club, they were the Social circle and the dancing Club. These Clubs had their interest on dancing and social frivolity. Attributes like loyalty, discipline,  Character,  integrity and philanthropic Objectives were absent.

Those who conceived the idea of Sigma Club were members of this Club. They were not satisfied with the Modus operandi of this Club and they sum their ideas into a student organisation now referred to as Sigma Club. It is important to note that Sigma is a greek alphabet for summation hence, the reason for the name.

   Just as I have mentioned,  Sigma Club has a social aspect and a philanthropic goal. This tradition has been our guiding light for 70years. As part of our social responsibility this Sigma year, the Miss Elegant and Sigma Music Fiesta has been organized to mark 69th Anniversary of Sigma Club. Sigma 70th anniversary Public lecture, 10th in its series holds January 18, 2020 as well as the Sigma scholarship Scheme 2019, a scheme whose entry is currently on. This are the token of our philanthropic Objectives to the University community.

It is also worthy of note that Sigma Club is the Oldest indigenous student organisation in Sub Sahara Africa. Time would fail me to talk about Havana Musical Carnival which started in 1955 and many other events where the club has hosted many notable dignitaries in and out of Nigeria.

Wow, this is a whole lot of activies,  So the sigma club is turning 70 and there would be a public lecture, that's wonderful, I remember the last public lecture, there were a lot of dignitaries and special people around, I remember Sanusi Lamido being around, should we be expecting such this year or even better?

Sigma chief : Yes, the University community should expect something great and great people would be around as well. The 10th public lecture is one of the events in view to mark the 70th anniversary of Sigma Club. It's a public lecture accompanied by a book lunch- first of it's kind. A lecture in honour of the Oldest living Old Chief, 2nd professor of statistics in Nigeria, professor Biyi Afonja(rtd) who graduated from the Club in the year 1959/60 and the launching of the book "IN HIS HANDS, an autobiography of a Nigerian village boy and I SMELL A RAT, a pro-chancellor's adventures in University Governance in Nigeria. Emeritus professor Ayo Banjo, a literary Icon from English department, former vice Chancellor, chairman of pro-Chancellors in Nigeria, Chairman of National University Commission (NUC).

 The Chairman of the public lecture is Oba (Dr) Michael Aremu Adedotun Gbadebo, the Alake and paramount ruler of egba land. Mrs Solanke, the first female senior Advocate of Nigeria is one of our guest of honour; governor Dapo Abiodun, Ogun state governor; the media adviser to the President, honourary Sigmite Femi Adesina; the minister for education, Mr Adamu Adamu; Governor Sheyi Makinde, Oyo state governor; Commissioner for information, Dr Wasiu Olatunbosun; and many other dignitaries are coming for the event.

Time would fail me if I start mentioning the names of Nigeria professors coming. It is a lecture that concerns the founding philosophy of every youth and students social organisation in Nigeria.

 This is beautiful, as a 70 year old club how has sigma being able to sustain it's social and philanthropic functions, and as a sigma chief how have you been able to balance both functions of the club?

Sigma Chief : The "summation" is the answer. The idea that crystallized to form-loyalty, Character, integrity and discipline are what sustained the social and philanthropic Objectives of the Club. Every loyalists are dedicated to the course of the brotherhood and the purity of this dedication revolves around the "summation ".

As the Sigma Chief, I am able to balance both Objectives by circumspectly walking in the consciousness of the "summation". It has been my guiding and search light because a different foundation cannot be laid. I simply mind the ancient landmarks.

Last question, what should we be expecting from Sigma Club in the nearest future

Sigma Chief : The university community should expect the Sigma House in the nearest future. Sigma Club as part of her philanthropic Objectives intend to build standard hostels to step up the availability of accommodation for students on campus.

 Also, Sigma Club would tend more towards its Charitable deeds(Sigma Charity), and this year they should expect Sigma Medical Community Outreach, orphanage home visitation, etc. Our commitment  to the Sigma Scholarship Scheme  is such that we would double the numbers of the beneficiaries this year.

The Sigma Guest luncheon comes shortly after the Public lecture, like I have mentioned earlier that the lecture is one of the many events to mark the 70th anniversary. The Guest luncheon is a Social event of Sigma Club where vessels of all that is pure, men of vision, accomplishment, men of honor and intellect,  men of integrity and sagacity,  patriot, whole men and humanist are inducted into the Club so that they can be living examples and model to people (which includes students). The Sigma Miss Elegant and  Music Fiesta 2020 should be anticipated .

 Greatness would be unveiled as time ticks on and Sigma Club beseeched the general public to be very expectant.

This are a lot of things to watch out for, I can't even wait.  Thank you very much, all questions were answered in details, do have a good day.

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