Deyshawlah (born Evelyn Adesola Ogunleye) is a Nigerian Song Writer, Music Minister and Fashion Consultant. She is the Founder of Deyshawlah Music and Deyshawlah Fashion House; a Fashion and Image Consultancy Company in Nigeria.   She studied Statistics and graduated with honors from the University of Abuja, Nigeria. She is known to be an Administrator and Strategist who has harmoniously combined being a worship leader with being a businesswoman and a professional. 

She speaks to Akomolafe Blog Media, Ibadan about her Music and what inspires her.

Can we get to meet you?

My full name is Evelyn Adesola Ogunleye, widely known as Deyshawlah. I am from Ekiti State, Nigeria.

-What was your background like? (Growing up).
Well, I come from a family of six (that’s my parents and 4 children) and I am the fourth child of the family.
Growing up was fun, I grew up in Ogun State - Nigeria, with my parents and siblings and I enjoyed my childhood being the last born of the family. I was also the recipient of merciless teasing from my siblings (Laughs..)

- What inspired you into doing gospel music?
In a nutshell, I’ll say my personal life experiences. I have always loved music.
Gospel music played a great role in helping to build my faith as an early convert and I had received many songs by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in my quiet time over the years. But I would just write them in my diary (partly because I loved writing) and I forgot about them until God literally paused everything around me and told me in 2018 that it was time to share those songs…

- What was your family's take on it?
Luckily, my family is in total support of my music ministry. They cheer me on always - when I am in my highs and lows, and that is priceless to me.

- Any Regrets?
No, I do not have any regrets at all.

- Any plans of stopping to do music and going into something different?
I have no plans of stopping music. Music is beyond a hobby for me, It is my calling and my way of communing with and honoring my maker (God). I also am humbled to see others being blessed by it.

- What were the challenges?
Well, everything in life comes with challenges. For music ministers, the major challenge that we don’t like to mention are the financial challenges, required human resources and sacrifices associated with ministry.

- How did u cope with them?
For me, it is as simple as taking my challenges to God in prayer, totally trusting Him to sort it out. He always comes through.

- How many songs do u have presently?
I have lost track to be honest, the inspiration from the Holy Spirit comes to me anywhere, I just ensure I take a voice note. But to the public, I released my debut single this year, March 2019, it’s titled ‘GOD ALONE’, and another a few weeks ago, titled ‘GRATITUDE’.

- Any upcoming projects?
Yessssss!!!!!!! There are upcoming projects… (Laughs)

- What's your say on Gospel music in the world today, any improvement?
It is so heartwarming to see many worshippers rising to boldly proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus today through music.
We are not where we used to be years ago, so yes there are great improvements. We can visibly see that a lot of effort, dynamism and time are being invested into the content we, gospel ministers, deliver now a days. Thus, you see even gospel music is now gaining ground in the secular world.

- Will u say you're fulfilled today doing this?
Yes, I am fulfilled.

- How do u cope with What you do and taking care of your family?
Time management is key! I usually try my best to set my priorities and ensure that the time allocated for one is not eaten into by the other. Ultimately, I always ask God to help me balance all He has committed in my hands to do, as I cannot do it alone and His grace is sufficient.

- What's your say on Gospel Artistes bringing in Circular song lyrics into the gospel world?
I will just say that we ask ourselves the motive for doing what we do. Our first goal is to touch the heart of God and edify/lift up the souls and spirit of the people to whom we are ministering. Anything that we do outside that or that does not achieve that should be cast aside.

- What's your source of Inspiration?
The Holy Spirit.

- What other thing do you do apart from music?
Aside music, I am also a Fashion Consultant and a professional. You know, I am a statistician, so I totally love working with facts and figures.

- How do u relax?
I relax by resting indoors or by spending quality time with my loved ones. Sewing (without a deadline in sight) is also a form of stress relief for me.

- What's your favourite Scripture in the Bible?
Philippians 4:6 – Be anxious of nothing, but in everything through prayer and supplication, with thanks giving, make your request known unto God

- Any words of Advice for young and upcoming gospel acts out there?
There is a waiting season (wilderness experience) for every man. This season is usually unnoticed by many. If you are in such a season now, please be assured that you are not alone and the time of your manifestation is nearer than you think.
Above all, focus on who has called you to do what you are doing, in His time, He will reward you.  

- For your fans to reach out to do, how do they do so?

They can reach out through my social media handles.
I am @deyshawlah on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I am @deyshawlahtv on Youtube.


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