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eTicket Solutions (Powered by AOA WINDSTREAM) is your one-stop shop for all ticketing related issues. 

ETicket Solutions operates on both ends of the spectrum – working with customers to aid them in purchasing tickets for their excursions and adventures, and in aiding businesses in getting their products and services in front of the customer base that will love what they have to offer. 

ETicket Solutions ticketing platforms dynamically will provide customers with easy, fast check-in experience using their smartphones to navigate and breeze through lines by providing electronic tickets and Scanner. 

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About Us

Who Are We?

eTicket Solutions is your one stop shop for all ticketing related. Designed by entrepreneurs with a passion for theatre and the arts, we know how important it is to take time out of your busy schedule to unwind and enjoy life and that’s why we are dedicated to providing you with all of the latest entertainment, travel, and transportation information - from movie releases, to details of the latest happenings in your area and how to get there!

The Inspiration Behind ETicket Solutions

The concept for eTicket Solutions came to us while reflecting upon how frustrating and time consuming it can be to organize a trip or excursion. Ordinarily, if you decide that you want to attend a concert out of town, you have to utilize multiple websites and mobile apps in order to get the wheels in motion - one for buying the event tickets, one for booking accommodation, and one for transportation. Wouldn’t it be much easier if everything was centralized in one place? That’s what we thought too which is why our website and mobile app enables you to organize every aspect of your trip with ease. eTicket Solutions collaborates with the very best event planners, entertainment venues, hotel chains, and transportation companies across the globe to ensure that every stage of your trip is comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable.

What We Do

ETicket Solutions operates on both ends of the spectrum - working with customers to aid them in purchasing tickets, hotels and transportation for their excursions and adventures, and in aiding businesses in getting their products and services in front of the customer base that will love what they have to offer.

Services For Customers

When it comes to our lovely customers, ETicket Solutions operates within the following sectors:
Concerts - Our incredibly user friendly platform provides a secure and easy way to book tickets to see some of the world’s best performers live on stage.
Movies - Keep up to date with the latest blockbusters and indie releases using the “movies” section of our website and app. ETicket Solutions enables you to book your tickets online, in plenty of time before the movie starts so that you can secure the best seats and not have to rush around like a mad thing once you get to the theatre.
Theatre - From elaborate Broadway shows to plays that are taking place in your local town, watching a live performance can be great fun for all of the family! ETicket Solutions provides you with all of the scheduling details and enables you to effortlessly book your tickets.
Sports - Be sure never to miss another game again by reserving your sports events tickets through eTicket Solutions. Whether you’re a lover of football, ice hockey, or NBA, we’ve got you covered. 
London Theatre - We know that seeing a West End show in the English capital is one of those bucket list experiences which is why we keep you up to date as to the best London theatre performances that are currently showing, and enable you to purchase tickets with just a few clicks.
Flights - Our flight search engine collates and compares an extensive range of flight options from all major airlines in order to ensure that you are getting the most convenient, and budget friendly flight for your upcoming trip.
Hotels - We work with a number of acclaimed hotel chains and boutique accommodation providers across the globe to help you ensure that you enjoy the very best stay on your upcoming trip. We know how frustrating it can be to trawl around looking for a suitable accommodation option which is why ETicket Solutions is dedicated to displaying only the best of the best. Once you’ve chosen your perfect spot, you can proceed with your booking and we will communicate everything back to the hotel. 
Trains & Buses - Easily check schedules, fares and train information using the relevant transportation sections of our site. E Ticket Solutions allows you to quickly and easily reserve your seat(s) as required. The added convenience of doing this through us? You can easily compare various options (i.e. train vs bus) without having to load up multiple websites. 
Seminar - Seminars are great! They enable you to learn new skills or gain advice and inspiration from an array of empowering keynote speakers. We keep you posted on seminars taking place within your area that cover a variety of topics. Purchasing a ticket to an event is straightforward and seamless.
Clubs & Parties - Don’t miss out on the hottest happenings in your area! Featured here are parties and events to sort all tastes. So whether you’re a wild child that loves an all night party, or you prefer an event that enables you to uncover a new culture, we’ll have something for you that you can easily book with ETicket Solutions. 
Deals - Who doesn’t love a discount or a bargain? We are dedicated to scouring the web to find excellent deals that we can pass on to you, our valued customers to save you money. The deals listed here can take a variety of forms - from restaurant offers, to mall specific deals so check back regularly to see what’s new here.

B2B Services

As outlined above, eTicket Solutions also works in conjunction with businesses in several ways from a B2B perspective.
eTPaaS - Our eTPaaS (Electronic Ticketing Platform as a Service) offers businesses the chance to list their products and services with us, in order to get their products and services in front of their desired customer base without taking on the financial burdens of setting up their own ticketing database. Working with us allows access to a large global audience.
Crowd Management - For any event, or public space where there is likely to be a relative number of people in attendance, security is imperative. Our tailor-made crowd management solutions mean that your guests and the general public are in safe hands with our experienced security personnel.

A Global Solution

Our team operates across international borders and acts as an expert authority on things to do in the UK, the USA, and West Africa so wherever you may go, you won’t be short of inspiration as to how best to occupy your time.
If you have any queries regarding any of the customer or B2B servicses offered by eTicket Solutions, you can contact us on +1-800-886-5495 or via email at We aim to respond to every inquiry within 24 hours and look forward to speaking with you soon. 

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