ABLOG INTERVIEW: The Fact That I Love What I Do & I'm Not Being Forced Has Kept Me Going --- Victoria Ajiboye || @vicckyajiboye

Akomolafe Blog Media, Ibadan links up with New Generation Media Personnel, Media Influencer & Fashion Designer "VICKAJIBOYE".  In this Interview, she speaks about herself, Why she's into Media & the fashion world and also what Inspires her.

Read Interview Below :

- Can we meet you?

I'm Victoria Aanuoluwa Ajiboye. A student of the University of Ibadan. I study English language and literature and I'm in 100 level. I am also a fashion designer and a brand owner. Though my brand hasn't fully launched.

- What brought about the brand name "VickAjiboye"?

My brand name, "Vickajiboye" is obviously from My name and surname. I decided to use it because I wanted people to associate the brand with a person. Not some abstract name that they won't be able to associate with anybody or anything.

By the way, people's names travel faster than abstract names.

I actually conducted a poll on my WhatsApp and Instagram story whether to use "Vickajiboye" or Vhicky_xx which was my former IG handle and a lot of people knew me for the name. Majority voted vhicky_xx but the few that voted Vickajiboye gave me tangible reasons I could reckon with.

- How did your love for media start?

My love for media has always been since day one. That is, the day I started using I smart phone. I started with 2go actually and I was a pro. I  was always online. I enjoyed meeting new people and all.

- Were your parents in support?

My parents were and they are still fully in support of my brand.

- How has it been?

Building a brand hasn't been so easy. But it has really been educative. One of the things I learnt is that, one can learn from the least person on earth, Do not underrate anyone.

It has been really challenging but I'm still moving with the help of God.

- What are the challenges?

Some of the challenges I faced and I'm still facing are; Financial challenges: having to spend a whole lot on data without swift progress.

Meeting people of diverse behaviors: Really this part could be frustrating. At some point I'll want to flare up and change it for some people I'll just have to call myself to order, I just tell myself, "You can't do it alone. You still need them."

Another one is having to cope with male fans or friends. Some are my fans because they feel they can get some sexual benefits later. Having to decline these requests most times make me lose them as friends or fans. But honestly, I don't mind.

- Any brands you've worked for so far?

No, not yet.

- What's been your inspiration?

What inspired the whole brand thing was "The Ibadan Social Media Festival". I'll forever be grateful to the organizers and the panelists.

- How would you describe the "SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD" in Nigeria?

Social media is everything honestly. I put it to you that if everybody in this country were financially okay, 99.9% of Nigerians would be on social media.

Sorry I had to drift a little.
Now, to the social media world in Nigeria. Quite a number of people have said the social media world is fake and they see no good in it. I low key have a problem with negativity. And we Nigerians, we have so much negativity in us.
Can we not just see the good in something for once? The social media world in Nigeria is like the only thing that impresses me. Honestly.

- Who are those that influence you in the PR Industry?

Paul Alasiri, Shawnife, Lazywrita and The Pamilerin

- How do u cope between school and what u do?

That's not a problem because what I do doesn't stress me and I love it. It is time consuming but I know how to write my timetable to suit both.

- Any plans to quit soon?


- Where do you see yourself in few years from now?

I see myself as the owner of the well known "Vickajiboye brand", helping smaller brands achieve their aims and inspiring others.

- If you're asked to change anything about the MEDIA what would it be?

Honestly there's really nothing I would like to change about the media. If there's anything to change it would be the mindset of people that go through illegal means to make money because they are intimidated by the extravagant life of people on socia media.

People should endeavour to be themselves because the world ain't posting their failures.

- How do u cope or operate with your male fans or friends?

Like I said earlier operating with some of my male friends has been a challenge because some of them seek sexual benefits later. But then, it's really easy.

I just set my boundaries. The moment they  try to cross it, I let them know.

- What's been your biggest platforms or deal so for?

Nothing big has come yet. Like I said earlier, I haven't even launched fully. But trust me, we are making waves and more waves are coming.

- Aside from PR what are you into?

I am a fashion designer and a student too

- Are you in any relationship?

No. I am very much single.

- What's your idea of a real man?

A real man has manners, is polite, and considerate. He is honest, open and true to himself. He will fight for and defend the people that he loves. He is a hard-worker. He is not spiteful. He respects women and shows appreciation for all of his blessings. A real man is the provider of the family. He is strong, physically and mentally, and is never too proud to exhibit strong emotion. Once committed, he is faithful to only her. He does not watch porn or disrespect her in any other way. He helps with housework and is a role model for his children. A real man knows who he is, what he wants, and is grateful for what he has. A real man knows how to take pictures too (laughs)

- Words of advise or encouragement for peeps who'll love to be into this too?

Public Relating is not easy dear family and friends out there. You must have a strong passion for it if you do not want to backslide. Females that are very much interested in this will also hear a lot of people say it's easy for females. My sisters, it's really not as easy as they paint it. The passion must be there and you have to come with a different energy.

- How do your fans contact you if there's need to?

My contact is on my Instagram page. My email address is there too. Anybody is free to text me or send me a mail.

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