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Social Media Influencer and Personnel "Israel Fabz" who happens to be the social media manager for Black Satino Blog and also Gospel Xperience Gospel platform on social media speaks with Akomolafe Blog Media, Ibadan on his love for social media and how it has been over the years....

Read from the Interview below:

Can we meet you?

I'm Israel fabz, Media Expert, Music Pr, Digital marketer, social media manager, online influencer and admin GospelXperience

What brought you into the social media world? (Being a PR)
Social media is a land of new opportunity. The countless personal and professional benefits of using social media made me develop a zeal to using it professionally to help implement the change I desire.

How has it been all the way being a PR (What are the challenges)?

The major challenge is the need to stay updated in a fast changing world of internet

What made you do gospel when everyone is combining it together (both gospel & circular)
The need to fulfil the great commission in Matthew 28:19 'Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit'

What's your relationship like with other PR guys out there?
I have a cordial relationship with others, both as colleagues, business partner and as friends.

How far has your brand been?
With our content reaching over 10 countries, we are progressing though there are more grounds to cover, watch out for our next move

Are you part of the media team in church?
 Yes,  I'm currently the H.O.D of the department

How has it been functioning in that Department?
Excellent, using the department to preach the gospel and touch lives within and outside the church

What have you noticed and how have you improved it?
Consistency was a major challenge and is a major challenge for most churches also, they publish posts only on Sunday's reducing visibility and engagement.

How will you describe Nigeria's Social Media world and the PR's in Nigeria generally?
Average as at now, there is a great need for bloggers and everyone involve in the PR to learn how to effectively and efficiently use the social media platforms.

Where do u see yourself in few years from now?
In few years, Id like to be seen as someone with deep expertise with digital marketing

Any brand you work for?
American multinational technology company Google among other brands

How do you cope with work, family, school, church and your relationship all at the same time?

Though stressful prioritizing is the key that has helped with stay on track

How can people contact you if they have questions or job offers for you?

Facebook: Salami Israel fabz, 

Instagram/Twitter: @olumidefabz

Any words of encouragement for young aspiring Social Media personnel's out there??

The social media is like a garden, it's takes consistent weeding, nurturing, watering. So don't give up. Thanks for having me Akomolafe blog, keep soaring.

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