Buhari’s administration has failed — PDP

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THE Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Sunday said it had thoroughly reviewed the President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress (APC) and declared that it has irredeemably failed in every sector of our national life.
In a statement issued by Kola Ologbondiyan, the National Publicity Secretary, in Abuja, the party alleged that available data, both locally and internationally, confirm that the Buhari administration has failed woefully in all its promises and claims, particularly on fight against corruption, economy, security, democracy as well as national unity and cohesion.
The party observed that the Buhari administration’s fight against corruption has been exposed to be a big lie; a charade designed to hound perceived political opponents while providing cover for humongous corruption and pillaging of resources by agents of the Buhari Presidency.
It’s added: “Instead of fighting corruption, this administration is practically a felonious empire of corrupt individuals, certificate forgers, contract inflators, looters of treasuries and well-known liars, making it, ‘head to toe’, the biggest assemblage of plunderers in the history of our nation.
“We ask, if, Mr President is indeed a man of integrity, as his handlers want the world to believe, why is he comfortable employing, embracing, surrounding himself with an offering protection to corrupt persons, certificate forgers and liars as ministers, advisers and political associates?

“Are there things Mr President benefits or has in common with such individuals that attract them to him or for which they enjoy his cover to steal public funds in parastatals, agencies and ministries, particularly those under the direct supervision of the President?
“Largely, due to the incompetence and corruption of the Buhari Presidency, our once robust economy has been wrecked, resulting in unbearable hardship, unemployment, hunger and starvation, strange sicknesses and untold depression with compatriots resorting to suicide missions and slavery as options.
“Under President Buhari, our nation has become dangerously divided. Violent clashes and bloodletting have become the order of the day. Rights of citizens are daily violated; democratic institutions, including the courts and the National Assembly, have come under attack; elections are rigged with impunity; the unity of our beloved country is now under stress.
“Moreover, the Buhari administration cannot boast of any major development project it has initiated, executed and completed in the last three years, in any part of the country.
“If anything, Mr President has been going around the country shopping for projects executed by other persons, including PDP governors, to the commission.”
The PDP affirmed that it is ready to commence a series to expose the lies and failures of the administration as well as the huge liability, woes and dangers it has brought on our nation.
The PDP also challenged both the Presidency and the APC to an open debate on governance, where “we will further expose the failures of the APC and Buhari Presidency to Nigerians. The time has finally come!”

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