#BOOKREVIEW : Nigeria's OAP Pat Obilor sets to publish Media Book “LIFE OF A MEDIA GIRL” - #THEMEDIABOOK

About the Book
Life of a Media Girl is a new media book authored by Pat Obilor, one of Nigeria’s veteran media personalities, a University of Ibadan graduate and an alumnus of the London Media Academy. The book, Life of a Media Girl is a focus on women in the spotlight, the media industry as well as other public profession and how the society portrays these women in relation to their social, religious and cultural beliefs. While appraising the media industry, the book strives to correct certain mind-sets about women and explores the need to genuinely embrace and respect their creative professionalism in the workforce. Also, this book provides insightful nuggets and timeless hacks useful to broadcasters and individuals who wish to excel in the media space.

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Some Nigerian influential Media personalities also shared their thoughts on the book. Some of the “Words on Marble” include:

·       The best attitude for an OAP in a new location is to imagine that you are going to war to conquer a new city – Olisa Adibua
·       Media work is all about creativity, you can’t sleep your way to the top, if you don’t have it in you, you do not have it! If you are not proactive and dedicated to the profession, you will fizzle out, but if you are focused and you are driven, you will get there without dirt. - Toke Makinwa

·       Radio has changed, then, it was about your voice but today, people focus more on your appearance and they are looking out for you on the red carpet. So you have to be able to balance your voice and skills with your looks. – Gbemi Olagbegi
·        It is backward thinking to say or think that women in the media are not wife materials. If a woman have a good job, makes her own money, carries herself in a respectful way, I don’t see anything wrong with that.  Toolz O Demuren

QUICKIES about the book…
Book Title: Life of a Media Girl
Theme: The Truth about Spotlight!
ISBN: 978-978-5587098
Number of Pages: 300+
Editors: Dr. Andah, Pat and Chizitere
Cover/ Page layout design: Tope JayWALTS and Efe Chesterfield
EBook Release Date: August 19th 2018
Hardcopy Release Date: November 18th 2018
Pricing: E-book– #3000, Hardcopy - #5000
Published in Nigeria: Sparkles Media Press
Author: Pat OBILOR

Sales Outlets: To be available online on Amazon Kindle, Barnes &Noble, Okadabooks, Udara books, the Booksellers and the UI Bookshop etc.

Disclaimer: The writer take cognizance of the National library of Nigeria cataloguing in publication data and the data protection policy of Nigeria based original contents and interviews granted as at the release of this book.

For more information, Use for Training Purposes, sales distribution or to preorder this book:  www.standoutwithpat.tv/Mediagirl

You can also email: Patobilormedia@gmail.com 

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All rights reserved.


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