Lagos Based Nigerian Music Sensation "YOMIII" speaks to Akomolafe Blog about his soon to drop EP titled "REALIZE"

Lagos Based Nigerian Music Sensation "YOMIII" speaks to Akomolafe Blog about his soon to drop EP titled "REALIZE"

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- What genre of music do you do?

I make world music. that is, a neo-traditional music from dancehall to highlife to hip-hop, I make music of different sounds with the indigenous African vibe always intact in the music. So yeah its world music.

- Would you love to switch your genre or type of music anytime soon?

Nope. I’m a versatile artist who love different sounds and keep experimenting on new sounds so ain’t switching up bro. Nope nope 

- Where do u get your inspiration from about your music?

God firstly. He’s the ultimate inspiration and then my relationship with people I meet, happenings around the world and beyond the world to the space… lol

- Any upcoming project coming soon for your fans?

Yup yup! Been talking about this for a while now, and I’m too excited to formally announce that My debut extended play (EP) "REALIZE" !!! 

And  It’s been scheduled for release on the 7th of July, 2018.

Everyone should please watch out

- What's the Plan for your EP that's dropping soon?

Oh yeah. Gods Plan! Lol yeah so I’ll be doing radio and blogs round up, like back to back which is from here, (Akomolafe Blog) to other scheduled slots too, a merchandise outlet would be announced soon, and for people supporting and who wants to support Yomiii in few states nation-wide,  few club appearances, release of some records on the EP and a show by the end of the year is what I’m planning.

God help us.

- What are the challenges?

 Well. Getting to reach out to people to listen to my music and then, FUNDS FUNDS FUNDS.. lol yeah! Getting investors to invest in this dream of mine, because at the end of the day it is a music business and it’s no man’s business.
So yeah money is needed.

- How was it possible to get the songs on the EP done?

All thanks to God Almighty! He made the EP possible. But critically, it’s been from Piro and Southwestson (my producers) sending me beats and me vining and writing lyrics regardless of where I’m at then to me spending days and nights recording in the studio. And sometimes people come around and feel the Star Boy! Loll  And it sometimes happen right in the studio, with Piro making beats and me writing and in a short while we’ve started making music. It’s not been a smooth and easy process though. But I really enjoyed the ride. It’s what I love!

- What’s your plan for an Album?

Whoa! Making an album is not a joke thing o
But of course I’d definitely drop my album soonest when I know I’m really ready

-Why do u name the (EP) "REALISE"?

Yeah yeah. Okay. Initially I only had in mind to record just a song which is of course produced by Piro (the song badman) so after we’ve decided to record the song I later called Piro that I’d like us to work on an EP together and then fast forward to December! I recorded Bad-man first, Nwa baby second, Gbotemi then realize. So it was when I wrote the lyrics to the record, “REALIZE”. I named the EP “REALIZE”, because it explains the whole experience and inspiration behind the project.

- What's the inspiration behind the EP?

Whoop. As I said earlier it’s a record that inspired the whole project, (the record badman) and this particular time I was seeing a lady and going through a phase of my life I never experienced before. I got to aware of some things I wasn’t aware of earlier.  And these things got awarded about “I REALLY WANT TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD”. And the most convenient way for me is through my music so yeah! That’s how “REALIZE” was birth. 

 - Who are the artistes you'll love to work with now or later?

In Nigeria, Burna Boy, Wande coal, Wizkid, in no particular order
And outside Nigeria, It’s any artiste I feel the vibe and musical connection with I’d like to feature.

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