ABLOG INTERVIEW : " We need our Government and stakeholders to realize that entertainment is a lucrative business they have to invest in" Popular Nollywood Actor "Tee Famous" speaks to Akomolafe Blog Media, Ibadan

Popular Nollywood Actor "Tobiloba Adeleye Abraham" popularly known as Tee-Famous, is an Actor, Entertainer, an MC, All he does is to Entertain people around him, he speaks with Akomolafe Blog Media, Ibadan on his road to success, his work, upcoming projects and many more.

Read the Interview Below :- 

Can we meet you?

My names are Tobiloba Adeleye Abraham, people call me TeeFamous, i am an Entertainer... I sing, I make movies, I host events, i do everything to entertain and make sure everyone is happy.

- How was growing up like (Background)? 
Growing up was really fun, a mixture of butty, Pako and ibile upbringing... I had my Primary Education at Adebule Primary School, Fola Agoro. My Secondary Education was at Ajayi Crowther Mem., Gram., School, Akoka, Yaba and then i proceeded to Trinity College, Apapa to complete my Secondary Education. I attended Yaba College Of Technology for Both my Ordinary National Diploma (OND) and Higher National Diploma (HND), studied Computer Science. Its been God oo, the Journey no easy at all... Smiles..

- What inspired you into Acting?
Well, acting started while i was in Secondary School, i used to go watch some Dramatic club people do their thing then and i fell in love with it. Then i was inspired and i joined them, quittng Jets Club then which really cost me a lot in school cause i was an Exco there...

- Were you supported when you told friends, family members about your intentions?
No oo, Not even my Dad... My mum was a bit in support tho and my sisters were very supportive especially our third born. So many friends will just laugh at me then and say "guy get a life jare"... Cause acting was seen then like a job for lazy people. Even tho, few friends were still very much in support.

- How has the Journey been so far?
Lets just thank for everything, where we started from, where we are and where we are still going to. Truthfully, the journey hasn't been so smooth but God kept us till now. Every road that leads to success is always rough... Take staircase for example... Stairs take us up but its climbed one step at a time.

- Any Regrets?
None at all... Its what i want and where i want to be.

- How did you come up with the name “Tee Famous”
Yeah, while i was in secondary school, my friends used to call Me Solution, cause i was really very smart, still smart tho (Smiles). Then after secondary school, i felt i should change the name to something else and i picked Tee From Tobiloba, i added so many things behind it, like Tee Slim, Tee Sexy etc and i was not just comfortable until i met a man in my area who saw me in a movie for the first time and he just said "gbajumo adugbo wa" (Famous person in our area). And that was how famous came in to join the Tee to form Tee-Famous.

How many projects/Movies have you worked on?
 Plenty ooo, i have lost count sef. Funny, I used to write them down when i first started going to locations. But at a point i lost it, the jotter sef full... (Laugh).

Which project will you say you worked on that made you the star you are today?
Am i really a star yet?? I don't see myself as one yet tho... But talking of movie that brought me to limelite, i can say Kilanta, a series by Biodun Jimoh where i played Makanaki the Pyscho guy. Ayewo by Bogunmbe Abiola Paul And then, another series by Apreel Ventures, Boy O Boy where i played Loko the Foodie.

 Any movie project you’re working on presently or anytime soon?

Yes... I am working on producing my own personal movie. My fans have waited too long, i am just trying not to disappoint them as i have never and will never do so. 

How would you describe the Acting/Entertainment Industry in Nigeria?
"Well... For me, i will say we are really doing well and growing gradually. Rome wasn't built in a day bro. We are growing very fast, when i started, it wasn't like this, no parent wants to hear their child going into acting but thank God, parents now accompany their children to auditions. Just that, we still have more work to do. We need our Government and stakeholders to realize that entertainment is a lucrative business they have to invest in"!

 Who are the people you look up to?
I look up to everyone who is talented, hardworking and great in what they do, both male and female. I have people as mentors tho.

- How would you describe Ibadan as the point of start in your career?
Ibadan is a very good place, cool and accommodating people in Ibadan yeah. I live in Lagos tho, but I come to Ibadan often so well that a lot of people think i live in Ibadan, that's to tell you how much i love Ibadan. 

People will say “Lagos” is the seat of Entertainment in Nigeria, what will you say to that?
Well, they might be right tho, but not with what technology is saying now... You can be anywhere in Nigeria and that place will be your own seat of entertainment as long as your craft is acceptable.

Any Plans of leaving to Lagos fully anytime soon?

I am planning on relocating from Lagos to Ibadan instead yeah.

Where do you see yourself on few years from now?
Every good position God wants me to be my brother. Man Proposes, God Disposes. 

Any Intentions to move into another aspect of career sooner or later?
I am into music already... (Laugh)

Who are the people you look up to as role models out there?
Ibrahim Chatta, Muyiwa Ademola, Gabriel Afolayan, Uncle Yinka Quadri, Daddy Adabayo Salami, Funke Akindele, Daddy Jide Kosoko, Great Antar Laniyan... Those are actors i respect their hustle and talent alot.

Can we Meet “Ojukwu The Mecho”?
"Ojukwu the Mecho is the character i palyed in a movie titled "Ojukwu The Mecho". He is a young man from the eastern part of Nigeria who came to the western region to hustle. Got married to a yoruba woman who is extremely jealous. Ojukwu the mecho is a very playful man, deligent in his work and he loves serious minded people. But his diction makes people laugh naturally"

How do u relax? 
I just try as much as possible to hangout with friends but most times i relax in the studio.

Any Hobbies?
I love listening to music, i love dancing, i love driving and i love traveling.

Are you into any relationship?
Yes, i am.

Any words of encouragement for Youths, Teenagers and even the Adults out there who would love to act or do something related to the screen?
They should just believe in God, their craft, Pray well and work harder. Be focus, Be determined and be Consistent. 

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