ABLOG INTERVIEW : Fast Rising Music Act "BOBBY" speaks with Akomolafe Blog about Upcoming New song "Shut Up" || @mix_by_bobby

Fast Rising Music Act "Bobby" Speaks to Akomolafe Blog on his Music, Personalty, Type of Music, Upcoming projects and many more....

Read the Interview Below :

Ablog: Can we meet you?

How was growing up like?.

 Bobby: Growing up ? Man, sometimes I wish I was 12 again. No responsibility, no hustling and all that
πŸ˜‚ No stress
 Just normal, "Go and wash plate", "Come back when it's 4pm"”  Growing up was good. Had a well disciplined family, I lived with my Grandma, had my uncles around.

They all had great impact towards my lifestyle. No nonsense was the rule.πŸ˜‚  Especially my uncles, they said,  " If you misbehave, I will give you your size ✋🏾" πŸ™‡πŸΎ‍♂


So growing up is good, cos I'm still growing up

Ablog: What inspired u into music  industry

 Bobby: Nothing really, just found myself there.

 I was 4, when I had my first keyboard, later the love for Drums at 7

Most of my time was spent either at church playing drums, messing with the mixer board at church

Ablog: Any support from your family and friends when u told them u were going into music?.

 Bobby: I didn't have to tell them really, I mean like watched me grow up

The support was there, strong, later I told them I was becoming a producer

 Everyone was like I will just sit and be on my PC all day
[3/27, 1:19 PM] Bobby: They drew back a bit

  When they heard some of my productions, the support was massive to me

Thou I wanted to study Music, baba dem no gree ooooπŸ˜‚

Ablog: Any regrets so far?

Where do u see yourself in the next few years?

 Bobby: My only regrets was why didn't I convince them that I wanted to study Music
  I see myself creating new sounds, it's a clear picture, I just need God and work towards it

Ablog: Who are the artistes you look up to in the industry?

 Who are the artistes you'll love to work with now or later?

 Bobby: Don Jazzy
Kendrick Lamar
Tiwa Savage
MI Abaga

 Bobby: I'd  love to work with some A-list artiste but right now I'd rather work with upcoming artiste like myself who have a lot to deliver

 "Ablog; Any  upcoming project coming soon for your fans?

 Bobby: Yes, Shut Up is dropping by 1st Of April"

Ablog; What's the genre of the type of songs u do and what brings about the inspiration in the lyrics and the song production itself?

 Bobby: Basically fusions, I'm creating my type of genre(still naming mine πŸ˜‚) making percussions simple that they  give way for the vocals to sit on them

Ablog; How will u rate the African Entertainment Industry?

  Bobby: Africa to the 🌍
  We are just too creative. We are doing a great job thou

Ablog; Any words of encouragement for your fans out there and young ones who will love to go into music sooner or later?.

 Bobby: To my fans yes 😁😁, People would surely criticise what you do. It's fine, if you love stick to it, if you face challenges either ask for help or just push through, Challenge yourself, be different, create from your mistakes, Vibe with it, it's your mistake, not mine.
And don't forget to PrayπŸ˜‡, ask for directions from God, it's very necessary if you want to go far.

Ablog: Thanks for your time boss

 Bobby: Thank you

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