ABLOG INTERVIEW : Popular Saxophonist known as "V-Sax" Speaks with Akomolafe Blog Media About his career, What inspires him, his Projects and many more

Popular Gospel Saxophonist "V-Sax" Speaks with Akomolafe Blog Media about his Career, Background, Motivations and upcoming events/projects and all in this brief interview.

Kindly read through the interview Below : 

 1. Can we meet you? And how was your childhood Like?

My names are Victor oluwatosin Adebanji people call me V-SAX I was born in Ibadan, I am from oke imesi, in Ekiti state. Growing up was great my parents are disciplinarians, and I was brought up in a Christian way and I was also thought to always believe in my self.

2. What inspired you into Playing the instrument, especially Sax?

Smiles,,, wow that's an interesting question,  it all started while I was in secondary school, when  I was in the school band, that was Julius Hall secondary school oshogbo, Osun state, but after my secondary school I stopped playing for a long time cos the instrument was for the school, but in the long run I got my saxophone.

3. Were you supported when you told friends, family members about your intentions?

 Wow, I was supported a 101% big appreciation to my parents and my siblings in fact they supported when I was getting my first saxophone. I love the so much.

 4. How has the Journey been so far?

To be honest with you is been God all the way,  the road as been rough but we are making progress gradually because life is a process and the future is so bright.

 5. Any Regrets so far?

I'll say not at all so far, there as been no regrets.

6. Who are the people you look up to as mentors and role models?

Wow the people I look up are Beejaysax, Mike aremu, pastor kunle Ajayi, Jerry omole and olujazz.

7. How would you describe the Music Industry in Nigeria?

For me it's moving up day by day we have so many artists springing up everyday and the platform is not enough,  so what we need in the Nigerian music industry are more investors.

 8. How did you come up with the name “V-Sax”?

Smiles while I was in secondary school my friends use to call me VBANJ so when I got my saxophone I decided to remove the BANJ, and put SAX so now VSAX.  LOL.

 9. How many Songs and shows have you featured on?

So many shows and songs that I can't count now. Smiles.

10. Any project you’re working on presently or anytime soon?

Yeah I just hosted my maiden concert this year. Which was tagged VLIC VSAX Live Concert. Working on the season 2 and am also cooking something in the studio on my first EP. It's gonna be a blessing to everyone both the old and young.

11. How would you describe Ibadan/Lagos as the point of start in your career?

Ibadan, as always been showing love to the glory of God but as a matter of fact as far as music is concerned we All know Lagos is where it happens. ... but I love Ibadan seriously.

12. Any Plans of leaving this part of your career soon?

Not at all,  I am glued to my saxophone career. And nothing will separate us by God's grace. Nothing

13. People will say “Lagos” is the seat of Entertainment in Nigeria, what will you say to that?

Yes basically that's it, it  because  there lots of investors and cooperate bodies in Lagos. And most the Nigerian artists live in Lagos we all want endorsement.

14. Any words of encouragement for Youths, Teenagers and even the Adults out there who would love to do what you do?

This is my advice for you all out there, always believe in God, never give up on yourself , keep working hard,  whatever you find doing do it well because soon you will be discovered and believe it's only God that can take you from a non-entity to a celebrity.

15. How do u relax?

 I listen to jazz music, read my bible or go to a very good eatery and a nice meal bcos all work and play makes VSAX a dull boy.  And na the person wey, work dey chop.

16. Are you into any relationship?

Not at all  am not in any relationship for now I am married to my saxophone nothing more.

17. If No, Who's your dream woman like?

Hmmmm, that's  a deep question.. but  Number 1, she must be a lover of God.Number 2, she must be my number 1 fan she must love what I do 100%, she must be beautiful.

18. Any Hobbies?

I love traveling, I love meeting people, watching movies and I love to read my bible.

 19. Who are the people you look up to generally as role models out there?

Beejaysax, Mike Aremu.

 20. Where do you see yourself on few years from now?

 I see VSAX gaining international recognition, I see myself on the experience stage at biggest gospel music concert. I see myself penetrating into the Grammy awards.

21. Who are the artistes you’ll love to work with sooner or later?

Nathaniel Bassey, Mike Aremu, Beejaysax, Travis Green.

22. What are your dislikes?

cheating, lazy attitudes

23. Which  events do you perform in?

Religious events, corporate events, wedding parties.

24. What as been your drive?

 God all the way.

25. What is your Advice and encouragement for Upcoming and Aspiring Saxophonist Out there?

Well, I'll tell them not go give up on their dreams, they should keep hustling and pulling up, keep striving and one day things will be fine.

They should never give up on their dreams, no matter the situation, they should keep moving and never stop.



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