ABLOG GIST : See how Ooni of Ife’s palace looks like after Reconstruction – (See before and after Photos)

Ooni of Ife palace

"A year and a half ago Adeyeye Ogunwusi promised to reconstruct Ile-Ife. The work was to begin from his ancient residence, the pearl of the city. As we can now see, the Ooni of Ife palace shines brilliantly. It’s difficult to recognize the old building that once stood at the same spot".

Ooni of Ife palace

Great reconstruction work
The city’s head breathed new life into the legacy of antiquity. Renovation of the palace is a tradition that is upholded when a new ruler takes office. This is the standard practice for the Yoruba people. It not only has aesthetic and practical uses, but also spiritual motives.

All cultural features will remain unchanged. The task was far from easy, but Ooni of Ife had the will and patience. He said that hard work is a usual thing for him. The main thing is to focus on the results. At the time of his retirement, this place should be in a better condition than when he came to power. So he’ll leave a unique heritage.

Ooni of Ife palace - before and after reconstruction

The palace before and after reconstruction
City People confirmed that Ooni worked tirelessly for the benefit of the city. He managed to solve some very complicated problems in a short time and also made tangible changes in the environment. A blatant proof is the altered palace of Ooni of Ife. Everything in it is worked out to the last detail. It is clear that the restoration was done with attention to details.

Ooni of Ife palace gates

It took five months to renovate this building. During the construction process, local materials were used. Now it is suitable to be lived in. The old palace has been transformed into a work of architectural art. You can’t help but admire the view, from whatever side you look at it. Cultural traditions are complemented with original elements. This is certainly a great place to live.

ooni of ife palace picture

History of the palace

The main building was built in 1937. Adesoji Aderemi once lived here. The place was used as an official residence. From 1980-2015, it was the abode of Oba Okunade Sijuwade. There was also some restoration done at the time.
The history of the palace itself is much longer and quite interesting:
  • it was situated in the city of Enuwa on the territory of Ile-Ife as far back as 500 BC;
  • it was not only the Ooni that lived here, but also his wife and children;
  • it is the traditional residence of the royal family;
  • top Yoruba leaders often meet in this palace.

Ooni of Ife reconstructed palace
A few decades ago this structure was surrounded by clay walls, which were later demolished and replaced with modern buildings made of cement. The architects were able to create a modern treasure.
Anyone who visits Ile Ife today would want to check out the great building that is now the Ooni of Ife palace.
It is an impressive symbol of power, strength, and authority for all who is interested in the history of Ile-Ife. Even modernization didn’t take away this impression. This place is sacred. Everything is covered in white, right up to the guard post. You can’t simply stroll in here without taking the time to respectfully greet the king.

Ooni of Ife palace in white
Ile-Ife is developing rapidly. The presence of a modern palace contributes to attracting businessmen. Life here is getting even more commercial and bubbly. If you want to see the magnificence of this place yourself, there’s nothing stopping you! You will always be welcomed. You do not have to search too far for the Ooni of Ife palace address. As this is one of the main landmarks, any local resident will point you to it.
If you do not have the opportunity to visit yourself for now, take a look at these photos in the mean time. Feel the beauty of the palace and tell us you do not yearn to visit this place.

palace of ooni of ife

What’s interesting about the palace?

As a visitor, while passing the entrance, you will notice an Art Gallery. The Press Secretary of Oba Sijuwade once worked in this building. Today you can see a limited number of works, but the gallery is developing, and new artifacts that pay homage to Ile-Ife is continually being added.
There is a certain beauty and sacredness you will experience if you pay a visit to this historical location. Of course, you will not be able to gain free and easy access to every single spot in the palace but there are great places that are freely accessible to visitors.

Adeyeye Ogunwusi palace

In the main building, there are 2 living rooms, 6 bedrooms, one kitchen and a dining room. Nearby is the reception room, where the monarch meets with important guests. There is a large and additional hall. This hall can seat about 200 people. The whole atmosphere is very solemn. Beautiful royal ornaments decorate the floor.

Adeyeye Ogunwusi palaceOoni of Ife in his palaceOoni of Ife palace guestsOoni of Ife palace inside
Ooni of Ife palace - rooms
On the left, there is a garage for the royal cars. For staff, there is a place behind the palace. The ruler needs over 50 people to help him in his daily routine. There is a cook, chief of security service, personal assistant, and many others. In the large palace, there is a place for all of them. This is a suitable residence for an important person with serious responsibilities.
As you see Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi has done a great job and fulfilled his promises. The Ooni of Ife palace is now shining like a diamond and this reflects well on the king.


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