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Pastor Femi Wilhelm of House of  Rest Church, Lagos speaks with Akomolafe Blog about The Ministry, their programme "TRANSFORMED" and other Trending issues about Nigeria and the Economy.

-   Can we meet you sir?

My name is Femi Wilhelm, Lead Pastor, House of Rest church, Lagos.

-   How did the name (House of Rest Church) came through?

I told the leaders at one of our  retreats in December, after I shared the vision of the church with them, that we should all pray right there and ask God for the name of the church He was asking us to start and after the prayer, they were going share  whatever they received.But prior to that time, I had a revelation where I got the name (let me not go into all the details of the revelation). So at the retreat, the things the leaders received and they shared that night were just confirmations of the name I had received earlier. Although I didn't announce the name or tell them about the revelation. I went  further  after the retreat to pray, presenting the words the people had received from him to further confirm what we all received and then, I got the scripture, Matt.11 vs 28 "come unto me, all ye who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." We believe the essence Christ came to earth can be summed up to restoring man to the place of God's Rest he lost in Genesis. And the place of rest signifies two things the place of relationship with God, which brings absolute trust and total dependency on God, and the place of authority in Christ, which makes us exercise our dominion on earth. So, we have the name, "HOUSE OF REST".

-   Thought you were based in Ibadan, why coming Back to Lagos fully to start a Ministry?

I'm not based in Ibadan, I only schooled there and the ministry started while I was an undergraduate in University of Ibadan as a Para - church and afterward, God said I should get down to Lagos and raise people for Him. For me, why should I go down to Lagos for ministry, how do I survive? we have so many great ministries already; of which some are even led by my mentors but He (God) made me know that, Ministry is never competition but complementing; and unless I begin to see that I have a unique and distinct calling which will complement these great ministries, I may not make much impact and progress.

-     Hope you’re still in with The Foursquare Organization, especially the Youth Arm of the Organization?

I’m still a Foursquarian, although with the church now, I can’t be an active member anymore as such like that, but Foursquare is my home and family.

I consider myself as an “Associate Foursquarian”.

-    What is the Mission & Vision statement of the “House of Rest Church”

"Our vision is to raise exemplary leader in every sphere".
"Our mission is empower you and me to know God, Love God, Love others, be committed to God and to others and serve God and others with our gifts and talents."

-      What would you say about the Trending issues of Christians going into Politics? Will you say it’s a good idea humanly and Biblically?

 I believe there's no system that is corrupt, it is the individual that make up the so - called "corrupt system" that are corrupt. A lot of people say politics is a dirty game, I do not agree. Even a government student won't write that in an exam. Politics is not a dirty a game, it is the people in the game that may be dirty. Pack genuine Christians in politics then it will be a very good game.
So in answering the question, I believe Christians should be in Politics has led. Psalm 24 says the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof, the world and everything in it. The hebrew word for "world" is cosmos, which talks about the systems of the world. So all the systems of the world which includes politics belongs to the Lord. And it is time for God to take control of it which can only be done by having His people there.

In fact, I believe our Lord Jesus Christ is a not a religious leader but a political leader. The bible say "the GOVERNMENT shall be upon his shoulder" Why should Christians not be in politics. The only way you can influence a system is to be in the system and now is the time for us to.

-    What’s your opinion about The Nation’s Economic issues and other things happening in the country causing the Nation one problem or the other.

People say what is happening in the country is God's anger against the country; some other says God is visiting the iniquities of forefathers and some other says God is avenging for the innocent ones that are dead, well I do not agree with these views. God does no evil and I believe he is not angry with the country. I believe things are turning around for us as a nation though.

-    Can you also enlighten us more about your programme “Transformed” which is a monthly programme from you sir.

The recurrent word in House of Rest Church is Transformation. We believe transformation is a continuous process. So "transformed" programme is a programme where we teach the word of God and lives are transformed. We run it every 3rd Saturday of the month and it has been blessing lives.

-   What is the brain behind “Transformed”?

God is the brain behind whatever we do. Since we were looking at launching the church on 31st December, 2017 which is watch night service and commence a full church activities January, so transformed is basically designed as a prototype of our Sunday service.

-  What do people stand to benefit of from this programme?

Every spiritual benefit (laugh).

-   Your word of encouragement to the young generation out there who are serving God and those who wants to come into the ministry to work and serve God?

Bible encourages we should serve God in the days of our youth. My encouragement particularly to those who are called into the ministry is to stay focus and be at your work. You must know that calling into the ministry is an appointment; an honorable appointment. So get to business and don't be lazy.

For More Information & Details, you can Follow House Of Rest Church on all Social Media Platforms Via ;- @horestchurch. OR CALL 08089893836.

"Raising exemplary leader in every sphere"


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