ABLOG GIST : Melaye Caught On Tape, Reveals How He Framed Suspects In Assassination Attempt (Audio)

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Senator Dino Melaye, lawmaker from Kogi West Senatorial District has again been caught on tape, allegedly disclosing how he indicted some people over the assassination attempt on his life at his country in Kogi state.
According to a report by SaharaReporters, Melaye could be heard telling the son of late governor of the state, Prince Abubakar Audu, Muhammed Audu, that he deliberately used his connections with the police to frame someone referred to as “Edward” in the alleged assassination attempt on him.
Melaye, who spoke in Hausa revealed that the assassination story was carefully orchestrated to rope in his opponent, and how his connection to the police helped in framing “Edward” in the alleged plot to assassinate him.
Melaye had in April raised alarm over an assassination attempt on his life at his home in Ijumu.
Following his claim, the police arrested and paraded six persons, including the Chairman of Ijumu Local Government area, Taofik Isah, over their alleged involvement.
Last week, report emerged that the lawmaker was allegedly trying to bribe an election tribunal judge, Justice Akon Ikpeme.
As at the time of filing this report, Melaye was yet to respond to a text message sent to him to get his reaction.
Read conversation below…
Mohammed: Distinguish Sir.
Melaye: Ah. Mohammed, I greet you, you see your people have been paraded before the media.
Mohammed: Useless people..
Melaye: The governor has been in town for four days, I have been battling him over this issue. He went to NSA and others over the matter.
Mohammed: There are many facts which you don’t know.
Melaye: They called the governor’s name in the confession.
Mohammed: It is not his name that is enough, it is Edward that they should mention.
Melaye: Edward is inside and mentioned. Don’t worry about that.
Mohammed: They included his name?
Melaye: Yes, I included his name since in the beginning. His name is inside.
Melaye: Do you know police are doing systematic work? And there is something I will tell you. There are places he hid guns and other arms.
Melaye: This is just between me and you and they wrote it in clear terms, the governor is waiting for prosecution.
Melaye: They also confessed that it was in the glass house that they were given N6.5m a day before.
Mohammed: You should ensure that Edward is involved because that is the only way to get them.
Melaye: I assure you, it will be done. I told you not to worry, is it not me?
Melaye: You ran and left me spending money on the matter, only me doing this war despite having billionaire friends. I am left alone spending money.
Melaye: Apart from the fact that you are a Muslim, it is impossible to abandon you.
Mohammed: If I call you, you don’t even pick my calls.
Melaye: No, I was at a wedding ceremony that is why, but you know if I don’t pick, I will call back.
Mohammed: This kind of thing, if we are planning and putting money together, we will contain them.
Melaye: I am on the road to the airport to leave for Houston because the Governor is coming to my house tomorrow to beg.
Melaye: That he is coming with Kogi elders. Just now, I will pay for my ticket at the airport and leave.
Mohammed: Laughs…
Melaye: I swear.
Melaye: He has lodged traditional rulers at Nicon, including General Jemibewon and others that they want to come and beg me tomorrow.
Melaye: They called me and I said no problem, I understand. If they call me tomorrow, I will tell them, I am in America.
Mohammed: But you should listen to their plea.
Melaye: No, no, no, there is no room for begging, there can never be peace in Gazza because I am Israel and they are Palestine.
Mohammed: Edward..Edward
Melaye: Do not worry, by the time I am through with Edward, you will come and beg me. Don’t worry.
Melaye: This is war, for five days, he was battling this matter. And he is the one that gave that brand new ambulance.
Melaye: Taofik in his confession admitted that it was the Governor that gave him the ambulance. Why didn’t he give other local governments? Why only Ijumu? This is for the operation.
Mohammed; It can’t be possible without the help of Edward. I want Edward arraigned.
Melaye: I mentioned it in the statement that killers that came were shouting Edward and Toafik, it’s in the statement.
Melaye: In the statement, I also mentioned that Edward vowed to kill me whenever I enter Kogi.
Mohammed: Good
Melaye: It is systematic thing and I have gotten them.
Mohammed: We must revenge and firm.
Melaye: If not that we are in control, they will have control of the IG. All these results is because we control the system.
Mohammed: We are in power now.
Melaye: We will bring him to his knees; I swear we will bring him to his knees.
Mohammed: How many days will you stay there?
Melaye: It’s just two or three days, it’s because of this matter that I will just vanish. Just a day or so and I will be back
Mohammed: Very good
Mohammed: Okay
Melaye: Alright but we will be talking since I will roam my number. Alright my brother.


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