Read UISU Press Release On The Supposed Ban Of Hot Plates And Other Cogent Aspects Of Students' Welfare

Consequent upon recent developments as regards the use of hotplates and other cogent aspects of students’ welfare on campus, the Union has found it exigent to acquaint the entire student community with certain facts.


The Students’ Union President, Mr Ojo Aderemi, during his inaugural address did not state any new fact. He merely admonished a compliance with the dictates of the Student Information Handbook (2014/15), which derives authority from the University of Ibadan Act 1962 as severally amended.

In his exact words, “Chapter 6 of the Student Information Handbook under the heading ‘Electrical Appliances,’ Paragraph (i) acknowledged the use of electrical appliances in the kitchenettes. As from today, ladies, go to your halls of residence and use electrical appliances (hotplates) in the kitchenettes.” The Union has no doubt about the fact that no one deserves reprimand for propagating the rule of law. It thus baffles us why this instant case has been an exception.

The said Student Information Handbook states under Chapter 6, page 84 that “the use of certain electrical appliances may cause electrical faults and results in fire hazards. Therefore, under no circumstance must electrical appliances such as electric cookers, toasters, grills, immersion heaters, heating coils, hot plates, iron, television, refrigerators, oven, and multiple outlets etc. be used in students’ rooms. These may be used in rooms specially provided for the purpose in each hall.”

Likewise, Section E, Subsection 7 of the Ethics Governing Halls of Residence states that “…all cooking should be done in the kitchenettes.”
For every sane mind, one thing is certain: the right to life is non-negotiable and is the most fundamental of human rights. By the same token, access to food, without which the longevity of life cannot be guaranteed, is equally fundamental. The question should therefore not be about whether or not students should be allowed to cook, but how they should go about this essential activity.

In the light of this, we wish to assure the entire student populace that the use of hotplates in the kitchenettes generously provided by the school management is not only necessary but in perfect harmony with the spirit of the law, laid down by none other than the management itself.

Let it also be known to all and sundry, that till date, no bulletin, correspondence or official publication of any sort whatsoever, duly signed by any Member of University Management has been received or at least glimpsed. To this end, any publication purporting to originate from the “University Management”, without a reliable stamp of authority should be outrightly disregarded.
To those who have been victimised in one way or the other for cooking in the kitchenettes or for merely being in custody of electric cookers, rest assured that all machineries are in motion to exonerate you speedily and the Union will leave no stone unturned towards this end.

That said, the Union also wishes to assure greatest Uites that actions are in top gear towards ensuring that all the kitchenettes are restored to their full effectiveness for the use of students.


It behoves upon the Union also to cogently address, among other things the issue of collection of School ID Cards. It is quite preposterous that for an institution that prides herself as the consistent best in Nigeria, the provision of something as small as Identity Cards has become a herculean task.

For two consecutive academic sessions, the university management has failed terribly to fulfil its legal obligation, and for two sessions, our studentship can only be verified by means of an invalid, unreliable and shameful piece of plastic.

We maintain that the provision of Identity Cards is in no way a privilege, but an enforceable right. This stance is again anchored upon nothing else but the Student Information Handbook, which states in page 20 (dealing with “Identity Card”) that “each registered student of the University, upon payment of a prescribed fee, is issued with [sic] an official Student Identity Card valid for one session only, or as may be indicated on the card.”

It is thus very disheartening that despite the already unjustifiably long delay and incessant protests from the Students’ Union, information from the Administration is “that the Identity Card production would commence in the second week of June 2017 and complete second week of July 2017.” Yet, when it comes to victimising the students, they are quick to back up their stance with the Handbook. This selective enforcement of the law by the management is not only egregious in all ramifications but also sets a bad example for the students who are expected to follow the law.

Fellow Comrades, it is thus our position that the “offer” of extension of time for ID Card Production from the Management has been respectfully rejected without hesitation, and all students must receive their valid University of Ibadan Student Identity Card, before First Semester Examinations commence, which was the position of the Congress held Saturday, the 22nd April, 2017 and the position of the University Management itself in its Bulletin Issue No 3951 dated the 27th April, 2017.

In said Bulletin, the Management asked for co-operation and patience. Greatest Uites, we have been patient and co-operative enough, now they should co-operate with us. Give us our ID Cards!

In conclusion, the Union remains committed to ensuring the welfare of all students, and will stop at nothing to push for improvement in learning and living conditions. We hereby call for your continued confidence, staunch support and intellectual intrepidity. God bless the Union.

ALUTA CONTINUA, VICTORIA E CERTA! (The Struggle Continues, But Victory is certain)

AMANDLA AWETU (We shall not be discouraged)

Usman Olasunkanmi
The Students’ Union, UI.

Ojo Aderemi
The Students’ Union, UI.


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