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Oluyole-Balogun Oluwabunmi Timothy, popularly called "TIMBUN" is a Music Producer based in Ibadan, The University of Ibadan to be precise, He's also a 400 level student of Industrial and Productions Engineering, of The University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

He speaks with Akomolafe Blog Media on his Love for Music Production, Upcoming Projects and all...

Read the Interview Below :-

-  Can we meet you?

My name is Oluyole-Balogun Oluwabunmi Timothy, popularly called  "TIMBUN".
 I am a 400level student of Industrial and Productions Engineering, of The University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. And I am also a Music Producer.

-  What inspired you into Music Production?

I discovered at a very early age, with the help of my parents that I had a deep passion for good music. Over time, I developed great interest in arranging and making music from the scratch. My senior brother introduced me to FL STUDIO and that was the beginning of my Music Production Career. 

- Who are your role models?

The likes of Lex Luger, Dr. Dre, Dead Mau5 inspire me a lot.

- What was your Parent's say on you doing Music Production?

Actually, my Parents love the idea of Music Production but then, they want me to focus more on Engineering. This is due to the fact that Education is the best legacy "Parents can give to a Child".

- Which Projects or songs have you worked on?

I’ve worked on quite a number of Singles, Mixtapes and EPs for quite a number of artistes. You can check them out on my Sound-Cloud account :- CHECK ACCOUNT HERE

- Any Upcoming Projects?

Yes, Sure… Working on my cypher which I plan to release soon, (both audio and video), working on featuring a big artiste on one of my beats and working on several other EPs and Mix tape Albums, as well as a couple of singles.

- Who are the big artistes you’ll love to work with?

I'll love to work with the likes of :- Kendrick Lamar, Wizkid, Adele, Rihanna, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, J Cole and so on like that...

- Any Awards so far?

NO. I’ve been nominated for several awards though, the most recent one being the ‘Producer of the Year’ in the upcoming Ibadan Music and Fashion Awards.

- What do you have to say about the fact that you're popularly called "The Sound God" within the premises of your base "UI"?

They call me "Sound God" because i form beats from anything.

"Like, whenever i am making an Instrumental, any 'Funny or Stupid' sound, anybody comes up with, becomes useful to me (Whether it's a sneeze, cough or anything).
And i am sound in a vast number of musical genres, just name it and i will find my way around it."

- Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Musically, in the next few years, I see myself owning my record label, which has a standard and functioning structure with world class artistes and quality music.

- Any plans to leave this soon?

NO… At all.

- Any plans to leave Ibadan and settle in Lagos fully because people will say that’s where music is fully accepted?


- How do u relax?

I relax by listening to Music, chilling with friends, etc.

- Any Hobby?
Yeah… Listening to music, making music, reading (not necessarily school books though).

- Are you in a relationship?

Let’s leave that side…

- Words for upcoming acts out there who’ll like to venture into what you do?

LOL… I’m still an upcoming act myself o…. But then, i will say that for people aspiring to be Music Producers, or people that just started producing, you need to have your STANDARDS, work on improving every time (try different genres of music ), invest money into improving your equipment and OF COURSE,  BACK UP ALL YOUR FILES O…

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