A friend once relayed his childhood story to me, he said and I quoted

"My father happens to be a man with an iron fist, the best kind of parent every other man would want to be, no nonsense man as Nigerians would describe a typical hard parent, growing up wasn't easy at all as you don't get to be pampered at any point, for days that were full of smile under his roof means angels visited us and never left for the whole day, for everything you enjoy from him today you would pay double for when you mess up tomorrow. Though the truth still remains you mustn't spare the rod if you don't want to see the child spoiled but at some point it was getting too much, his iron fist wasn't getting everything right, at some point his actions which was supposed to build me was not only doing that, it also built hatred in me for this man, it got to a point that I unconsciously had the feeling that I was not going to be moved if he dies, Not that I was planning to kill him but sickness, accident, ignorance do take people's life at any point and for him not being a supernatural being, he can be a subject to any of these at any point in time. The fact was that I had a very strong feeling that I wasn't going to bulge, as nature would have it he got sick and was bed ridden for a while but later overcame the sickness and was back on his feet and one thing he said when he got home was that he knew that of all people who wished him well I wasn't among, he said I would have loved him better if he happens to be lying in a coffin, I was indifferent to that statement, did not give neither a positive or negative answer but he knew the answer. Since then things changed, though he still remained the man he his but I was able to love him"

The experience Nigerians are having with President Buhari's is not so different from the story i related above,a wise man once said that in order to know your loved ones, shut your two eyes and pretend to be dead. It was claimed that some of the presidents political oppositions are behind the false rumors which recently diffused all over the internet that he happens not to be a good state of health, this after a UK based website claimed that he had died in London. Taking political oppositions out, I think the presidency must have noticed the true reaction of Nigerians to the news, either way, the first thing they wanted to confirm was the reliability of the news, it seems the the masses felt no remorse, not even a pity and I think this should actually speak some senses into President Buhari and his other APC ringleaders, not that they wish him dead, but for the current reputation the APC administration has in the eyes of the masses, a part of them strongly feels that he won't be missed, at least he who is down needs no fear for fall, can the situation be more than what they currently experience? 

PMB was actually the sheriff we invited to town, he was the best man for the job when we weighed candidates who demanded for our votes, fighting corruption was one of the watchword and Nigerians were well prepared to make sacrifices but not burden that we're currently made to shoulder. At first we accepted the fact that there won't be a change without sacrifices, we expected it to be sacrifices made in kind but not with lives.

The hardship has currently intensified to a point where party volunteers and supporters are being harassed on the streets on daily basis by people who already felt they've been let down and disappointed by the performance of the current administration, these volunteers happens not to be just party supporters but people who also babysit APC and made sure it became a ruling party in Nigeria, they currently have no option than to agree to the tune which currently sounds that APC is drastically falling below expectation and fast losing its threshold.

Senses needs to be impacted in APC as the tides needs to change.

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