Photos: Moment Sudanese refugee drops to the floor at Texas Airport after emotional reunion with his family

A Sudanese refugee was finally reunited with his wife and kids at a Texas airport after almost 5 years since they fled war-torn Sudan for the US.
In 2012, his then pregnant wife arrived in Forth Worth, Texas, with their two small children. Dyan couldn’t make the trip as he was unable to leave the refugee camp because they had lost their marriage papers while fleeing Sudan.
They had to find a way to prove they were legally married and that the children were indeed his. He feared he would never see his family again but four long years later, Dyan finally resolved the issue and was cleared for travel to America and see his wife and children, including meeting his now three-year-old son.
According to Robert Fuqua, who posted the video:
"This video represents the next chapter in the now near four-year-old story of our church’s ministry to refugees in a North Fort Worth complex. A ministry that began with two of our elder wives, Mary Claire and Molly coming alongside the Sudanese woman in this video, now has over a hundred vetted volunteers serving the diaspora in our region. And, hundreds more participating annually in coat drives, back pack drives, and many opportunities through the year to engage with these families around food and fun.  
For me, this video is a testament to what can happen when God’s people respond in simple, yet sacrificial obedience to God’s call on the Church, His Bride, to engage and embrace people of all tongues and tribes. 
There are nuances in this video most people will miss that to me signal the fingerprint of God. One is just the knowledge that Dyan’s two sons, who darted past the security guard to embrace their dad, are named Emmanuel (God with us), and the younger one he’d never met, named Hope. Another nuanced fingerprint of God for me is the advertising display hanging over the baggage carousel in the background of the shot when Dyan embraces his wife for the first time in four years. Though many ads were looping endlessly on that monitor, at that very moment the ad read, “Where Dreams take their Course”. Another special moment for me was when Dyan dropped to the floor overwhelmed in gratitude toward God, and my camera POV inadvertently became the POV of his three children, at times framed by the side of Hope’s head. In the background of that shot you see Mary Claire and Molly’s husbands with their four sons, American playmates of Dyan’s children, transfixed on the miracle for which they themselves prayed these past years."


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