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Thanks to everyone who has been calling  and texting me for sharing an advice instead of an insult in my last article but guess what, I got a reply which didnt get to me right. I am sorry if I have disappointed you by replying one Mr Wale who claims to be working with Beat FM in the city..Sorry the first question is. Are you an Artist?. I thought my last article was an 'Open Letter to Artistes' and not "OAPs"... Yes I have always wanted to write an Open Letter to OAPs and been planning to use you as a Case study secretly but you know what, now in this reply, I need to let the good people in the entertainment industry of the city know that You are one of the Problems we are facing.
I have worked with almost all the artists in this city, one way or the other, either during my events or promotion of their songs. I remember early this year, it was during one of those promotion movements I called you to play the song this particular artiste was releasing and i was trying to promote. you charged me a specific amount of money that i'm sure your salary is not up to, I jokingly told you that "in this city nobody charges me" but nobody works for me for free, I pay everybody, why will you charge so much just because you want to play just a song on your programme, not even your radio station. Yet, you are writing an article in defence of these same artistes you have refused to help. I have a lot of questions for you. when was the last time you played a song by an Ibadan artiste apart from the ones you "attach" yourself to or interview them without asking them for money which you are not supposed to be collecting from them?. Now to correct your perception of what I said in my preceeding article, I said " most of the people living in ibadan are Yoruba, I did not say it was 'everybody'. You live a triangular life in Ibadan,from Ring Road - Bodija and probably wherever it is you live. do you know places like Olorunda-Abba, Isebo, Amuloko, Alakia, Igbo-Oloyin, Moniya Are they not part of Ibadan?, as an OAP, do you even know that rural parts of the city listen to radio stations (I don't blame you if you don't know since your programme does not have an impact on them and they don't have any reason to listen to you or even call you) more than the elites who have access to television, internet and other sources of entertainment and information. Now the question is, are all these people enlightened enough to relate with any type of english content in a speech, talkless of in music. So what's bad in advicing my brothers to find their market and explore it, you don't want them to progress or what?
And this brings us to the next question, what do you know about Music and Business?...Now if you were talking about sitting in a studio talking about irrelevant things or issues, then I don't know about that but when we are talking about Music and Business, you should Shut Up.. In this same city, I have been an artist pr, an artist manager, a club pr, a club manager, an event organiser,an event pr, a publicist, a promoter and most importantly a blogger, abeg apart from sitting behind the mic, talking about what doesn't concern the ancient city of ibadan people and attaching yourself to talents and brands, what else do you do?. oh probably begging for free drinks in clubs. Remember you spend your day in the studio doing and talking jabajaba, I spend mine on the Street.
The last time i checked, the radio station you work for is about 2 years old and that's exactly how long you've stayed in this city, So when it comes to entertainment in Ibadan, I am one of your bosses. You don't tell me to get my facts right because i'm talking from experience and research but you are probably saying what you were told. So whenever I am advising my brothers on what i think they should do to help their careers, you should never interfere. IT IS A FAMILY MATTER!!

 So you should only comment or reply articles that has to do about the growth or success of the city's Entertainment when you start supporting every talent in the street of Ibadan at no cost.
The only reason why I have decided to reply you is because I have a reputable brand I am protecting and I don't want you to misguide the innocent people of this city. Stop trying to make people believe you are a Solution, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!
And Listen, All those wonderful songs by codename Dremo became hits when he got to Lagos then started spreading like virus before it got to Ibadan, then the rest of the world  and not the from ibadan to the world. And you told me to call Dremo, I don't need to call him, we know where we meet in Lagos when we have important issues to discuss not about issues like yours. Please stop attaching yourself to someone's success just because you want to get a penny from them...Build Yours!!
I know you want attention but don't use me to get that... I'M A LION, I DON'T MINGLE WITH DOGS.
Thank you for atleast reading my article and Happy Birthday to you, Please use this new year of your life to support the ministry. God Bless You, Long Life and Prosperity. I have a gift for you tho.

Till we meet for business.

I'm your Wahalafully,
Oba Ade Nelson

Award Winning Blogger, Social Media Optimizer/Strategist & Entrepreneur.

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