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Stakeholders in Oyo State’s entertainment industry have voiced concerns regarding the government’s recent announcement that event planners and show organisers would require a permit in order to stage their events.
A barrage of comments flooded the social media space on Tuesday, with most people accusing the government of enacting a policy without consideration and consultation.
A body of stakeholders, under the name of the Association of Entertainment Stakeholders in Oyo State (AESOS), through its spokesperson, Tony Roland Awobode, a.k.a Don T, spoke with the Nigerian Tribune saying, “We are surprised that the government in Oyo State will shock us with this.
"We have always encouraged government collaboration, without much success, when we organise events and this sudden taxation is shocking.
"Many events held in Ibadan are done with sweat and pains without much profit and now that the state is coming up to become one to be reckoned with, the government decides to reap where they didn’t sow. We urge a rethink and demand proper representation before any final decision is made or reached.”
Another stakeholder, Dipo Olaniyan, said: “Individuals made the industry what it is today. We expected the present administration to support us, especially after the massive support the industry provided for his re-election and then we hear this.
"I am appalled. This may kill the struggling entertainment industry that we built with blood and tears. They want to improve IGR by all cost and by so doing, make irrational decisions like this. Other comments on social media have proved that the decision is quite unpopular with those concerned and affected.
However, in its response, the Special Adviser, Communication and Strategy, Mr Yomi Layinka, said in a release made available to the Nigerian Tribune,  “The announcement by the Oyo State Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism to the effect that entertainment show promoters should request and get appropriate government permits is being made in the collective interests of all stakeholders.
“Since the primary duty of any government is the welfare and security of its citizenry, ministries, departments and agencies of the Oyo State Government are usually established and are continually retooled to carry out those constitutional mandates. To achieve these cardinal objectives, government agencies periodically review existing policies, enact new laws and restructure institutions to ensure that optimum service delivery is achieved by all those mandated to do so.
“The main objective of the public service announcement therefore is to organize the various stakeholder groups into a coordinated network of business interests that are commercially viable and socially sustainable. It is similarly aimed at ensuring compliance with extant rules and regulations that guide the proper operations of businesses within the entertainment and tourism fields in Oyo State.
For the avoidance of doubt however, this government wishes to reiterate its commitment to the building of enduring structures, not only for the entertainment and allied industries, but for all businesses and professions that provide opportunities for creative self-expression for our teeming youngsters across the nooks and crannies of our state.
“It is to be noted that this process is just at its earliest beginnings and is expected to be significantly strengthened with inputs from all stakeholder groups, especially those involved in show promotion and ancillary entertainment services. Consequently, various stakeholder meetings are already being planned to generate and harvest useable opinions that will enrich the eventual strategic directions and eventual policies that will be implemented in the interest of our evolving entertainment and cultural industry in Oyo State.
“All law abiding stakeholders are hereby assured of government's renewed engagement and support for the growth and sustainable development of their respective enterprises, so long as it is in the mutual interests of all and sundry”.

Source : Tribune Online 

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