Ade Nelson @realpussiness Writes Open Letter to Ibadan Based Artistes

@realpussiness wrote this, still on the recent call for due recognition of Ibadan artistes.

“One more time, i am sorry for my recent outburst on the BBM Platform but i feel i need to let our ibadan city based artists know somethings i have always wanted to let them know but ifeel this is the time to speak out.Ibadan is one of the biggest city in Africa and currently the city has been experiencing alot of great changes as companies are moving into the city.The artists based in Ibadan need to know who they are and what they want for themselves.

Firstly do you know what it takes to be an artist? Do you have plan/strategy to help build your career in the city and even beyond. Do you even know you market?. For example, BK GMB is a rapper, a pure English hardcore rapper, the question is, What is he doing in Ibadan? Ibadan is populated by mostly Yoruba people and that’s why its easy for talents like Keanzo, Jayru, Portah, Tuwyze, Pizzy to pass a message to the people through their music. Dremo was never appreciated in the city because he is an English rapper but he moved to Lagos, explored the market, got Davido’s attention and today, he is one of Nigeria King of New School. You need to identify your market, explore it and you will get what you want.

Another thing is Do you have a team?, Do you have a manager or a biz manager?…some even have manager they treat as errand boy. Note that a manager is not your errand boy or your pimp, your manager is your boss who you need to be respected and listened to. Get yourself a very good manager who knows about the business and have the connection for the success of your career.Do you have a good song?, undoubtedly, Ibadan is blessed with talents who have good songs, infact evergreen songs but wait do you have a video for the song? your fans need to knowyou, some people know your name don’t even know how you look like. How have you been able to reach your fans? in Clubs?..Do you know Amuloko? do you know your song might be bursting dwellers of those abandoned villages/towns brain?, Do you have a budget for promotion? Do you have a strategy to promote the project?.Most of you people live on past glory, stop the ‘do you know who i am’ crap..who the heaven are you?.

You are just a glorified upcoming artist who needs to stop been proud and be loyal to those who are willing to help you. I will always respect artists like Portah and Tuwyze, immediately they get into a venue/club, they walk up to the DJ to give him no matterhow small he might be, his respect. Money can never by Respect i was told.How do you manage your social media?, in this new generation of entertainment, record labels search for artists via social media, Don Jazzy found Reekado Banks on twitter, Olamide found the new YBNL Princess on Instagram, Davido found Mayorkun on Instagram. How do you interact with your fans on social media?. You still dey form boss abi?, even Don Jazzy dey something post rubbish on social media just interact with his fans.The most annoying thing about you people is that you compare yourself with other artists, Why, you hear words like”how can they be hyping Dremo, dem no even dey respect me wey don tey for this game”, pls na wetin Dremo do you do? Nawetin Dremo get you get?, Na how Dremo Hustle you hustle?. Dremo studied the market, he explored it with the help of his team and today he is the talk of the nation.

Another one is, Artists don’t show love in the city, one artist go drop song, another artist will either drop song immediately or even ignoreit. wait sef, when Dremo was in Ibadan, abeg who support am?. Olamide shifted the release date of his album because acolleague of his was dropping an album a day or 2 before his, so he decided to shift his album release date and still supported the artist. Can that ever happen in Ib?. I have seen artist spoil another artist in front of show promoters/organizers just because he wants to perform at theshow. How do you expect to get paid for show you literally begged for?…Kolewerk fa.You cannot do exam in lead city and expect result in UI, laye kojo, you pay another city based pr/blogger your song to release and you expect bloggers in your own city to support you for free. Like say Africana, Pussiness and other top bloggers in the city come count roundabout for Ibadan abi? Go blow for where you promote your song na, and when last did you walk into a media house to surprise the oaps with gift,lunch, recharge cards or any form of appreciation?. Do you expect an OAP to beg you to bring your songs or what?. When last did you storm the DJ Association meeting to pay due respect?..You don’t expect people who might not even know you or evenhave your song to support you, Never!.To get what your want to be successful in your career;

*.Stop been proud.

*.Stop singing the same 2 years old songs at different shows.

*.Know your market.

*.Pay good producers for good songs.

*.Shoot a good video so you can reach a wide range of your fans.

*.Be sociable…Interact with fans and investors via social media.

*.Know and respect the oaps, DJs, Bloggers, fellow musicians, show promoters and who deserves respect.

*.Work on a budget for your project and promotion.

*.Stop living fake life and Stop backbiting.

*.Stop been jealous of other people’s success, work on yours.

*.Form a team, a strong one.

*.Pray hard in fact harder

*.Read books about music business & attend seminars

*.Support others who will support you back.

*.Stop Fucking all Pussies that come your way.

*.Be Yourself, Remember what opened Adams’ eyes,
closed Abachas, work out a strategy for your own career and stop comparing and wishing to be like.

*.Stop begging for shows, let your team do that for you.

*.Pay For Promotion!…PAY!!!

*.One more time, Respect your DJ/OAP/Blogger.And Please STOP WORSHIPING all those empty barrels, if they can’t help themselves, they cant help you. Don’t let anybody tell you, if you don’t see or worship this person you no go blow for Ibadan. Na Scam oh, ask them “who dem epp?” , if dem lie give you, ask dem “Are You God?”With this little i have shared, i feel and i know you will build a successful career.Make i stop here so dem no go say i dey throw shades at anybody.

Remember, i will always support every single talent from the city even though none of you in the city supported by new artist last single in any form, even one of you demanded for money to throw ordinary BC on BBM oh, yes you know yourself son, but guess what, that didn’t affect the success of the project.We still reach on Top 10 in the city and beyond..sowho ur BC n Support don epp?And All this show promoters/club owners too, please respect our talents, invest in them andPAY FOR OUR SERVICES…. While i’m still preparing to ‘attack’ OAPs, DJs, Club Owners, Entertainers

I’m yours Wahalafully, Ade’ Nelson (REAL PUSSINESS)

feel free to criticize me, Thanks

Award Winning Blogger, Social Media Optimizer/Strategist & Entrepreneur.

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