Exclusive Interview With Oluwinto (Co-Ceo Wincopi Gospel Records)

1. Can we meet you?
 I am Olubisi Winner aka "Oluwinto" Co-ceo of Wincopi Gospel Music Record

2. What was your background like?
 I come from a christian family having just a sibling with my Dad being a pastor .. My younger days were kinda mixed as i am from an average family.

3. How did you Venture into The Gospel Music Scene (Industry)?
Hmmmm, It was kinda late before I discovered this gift but thanks to God it's not too late. I started writing songs since my primary school days but I actually started singing two years ago...I started as a hip-hop singer but that changed when i gave my life to Christ.

4. Who are the Mentors you have in Industry?
Wow... I look forward to the likes of Mike Abdul, Babatunmise, Lc_ beats,Frank Edwards, my Dad and many others.

5. How has it been coming into the industry over the Few years?
Well we are still young in the ministry but things haven't been so easy. But we definitely have the grace that keeps us going and will always keep us up and moving.

6. How far has Wincopi Records gone over the year and where do u think it'll be in the next few years?
 Wincopi actually started like a joke in my late sss3. Three of us came together to coin that name from our names 'win from Winner 'co' from Cole and 'pi'from pitkid now known as Patera keys. Well Wincopi has grown over the years.At least we have had so many experiences which will make us a better family... We have ministered in a number of churches,schools...We also got invited to birthday parties and gatherings...But we are moving in God's direction and we know for sure that we'll do exploit for God

7. How many Artists do u have on the Record Group?
Well we are just five for now but only three of us have featured in a track.
We have
Olaniyan Gbemiga aka Joshua Cole
Ojo Peter aka Patera Keys
Akano Ayomide aka Achezy Milano
And the newest member of the group Fagbohun Wuraola who will be joining us on the 1st of May

8. What's your Relationship Like with Other Big names in the Gospel Music Industry?
 Well, we have good relationship with few of them such as Babatunmise, Makas, Demmy.We are still gonna hook up with the likes of Mike Abdul, Frank Edwards, Lc_beats and the rest.

9. How many Single do u have on ground?
We have just a single now 'never let you go '..but a new one would drop on the 2nd of May 'Ife Jesu'.We are working under God to make more singles and albums that would rock for Christ. Just watch out

10. How far have You gone with your fans?
We've been good tho....getting calls and messages from some plus getting advice from the intimate ones. Shout out to them all.God bless you all.

11. What should your Fans be expecting From you soonest?
Expect good, touching, danceable gospel music which would lift up spirit and tune all to feel God.

12. Are You in a Relationship? And can u tell us who the lucky girl is?
la la la. Almost in one  and she's a girl trust me ☺.

13. Any Plan to leave the Industry soon?
Not at all. We need each other to stand tall for God.

14. What's your Advice for other Young Aspiring Gospel Artist out there?
We are still all young, So let's keep the faith together and work for the edification of the body of Christ. Let's put aside fame and money and let's follow the leading of the Spirit. It's well with us.


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