Ladoja and the runway of Oyo politics

THE concept of the beautiful bride has always made politics into the vanity of a runway, where voters, intriguers, bigwigs and go-getters duel. The beauty on the runway is aware of his or her value and plays the coquette with dexterity. In politics though, the beauty is often male and his appeal has less to do with curves and leggy strides. Except, of course, the curves of political manoeuvres. Sometimes, the bride, like a true model on a runway, ought to be aware when her appeal wanes, and the curves lose lustre and an alternative pulchritude is on offer. That is when the beauty shows more humility than usual and concedes when she normally snorts with contempt.

 Such beauty contest is a fare in Oyo State politics. And the person playing the beauty on Oyo State runway is Rashidi Ladoja. The snag though is that, normally with his looks, Ladoja will not even appear if it were a runway for Adonis, with all the demands of biceps and bass. But he played the bride and the incumbent governor, Abiola Ajimobi, deferred to the meretricious allure of the so-called balancer in Oyo politics.
Recently, there were hints that Ladoja rose to the wisdom of his diminishing beauty in Oyo politics, and was flirting with the possibility of a romantic embrace between his Accord Party, or AP, and the then Action Congress of Nigeria, or ACN. This was after the election tribunal ruled against the AP’s Ladoja who had challenged Ajimobi’s victory at the polls. Even the politician of crude glamour, Adebayo Alao-Akala, who seemed to have swivelled to the reigning party after his star expired in the state, knew the beauty had lost his bridal qualities.
So, when the Court of Appeal also ruled in Ajimobi’s favour, Alao-Akala asked the fading beauty named Ladoja to come to the light. Hear hm: “ I am appealing to my brother, Senator Ladoja and others to join us and work together with us instead of going from Appeal Court to the Supreme Court.”
But Ladoja is still playing the beauty whose graces now belong to a past. He was governor once, and he still rides the false high horse of His Excellency when that era has gone. When Ajimobi became governor, he extended his hands of friendship with the beauty. After a few coquettish strides, he allowed himself an embrace and became a partner with Ajimobi, who in a few years etched his name in the infrastructure history of the state.

But beauty felt he wanted more, although his own brother was commissioner and had quite a few others in the executive council as commissioners and special advisers. Ladoja started to undermine Ajimobi in public in the hope that he was amassing a structure that would win in 2015. No dice, though. He lost. Again.
He still wants to go to the Supreme Court after falling twice. The beauty still does not know that the hurrah has passed, and he still relies on flatteries as well as the diminishing bank rollers of his runway dreams.
The beauty has faded. Everyone knows except the beauty himself.



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