Exclusive Interview With Olanrewaju Olawale Oladimeji Popularly known as "Ola Nextee"

Can we Meet you?
I'm Olanrewaju Olawale Oladimeji Popularly known as Olanextee

Family Background?
 I am born into the family of Mr/Mrs Olanrewaju. We're 4 children in the house, in which I'm the Third child of my parent.
I am also a student of the Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa. Studying Business Administration.
What or Who inspired you into the Music World?
Actually, my mom did, because i always listen to her whenever she sings and i will also say I've had so much love for music ever since i was a kid growing up in our environment.
God bless my Mum for me......

What are the Challenges you've encountered so far in the Music Industry?
Actually, it is not expected to be easy at first because to get money for your studio session and also to get your song promoted na hard thing and whala, but we thank God for everything cos he's been faithful.

How many Singles do you have and how many songs have you been featured on?
I presently have 8 singles and there are also 3 singles where I've featured other Artistes like Portah and few others. And there are some singles where other Artistes have featured me as well. I can't count that as mine tho....

What is OlaNextee cooking for fans out there?

Na Baba God know that one oooo (Smiles) but I'm not sleeping, still on the move. So they should expect something good soon from me.

How do you cope with your female fans?
Lol... Well, i"m trying my best to be a good guy you know..... i Love all my fans especially for the female ones, I love them cos of the love they show to me always. No other strings attached!!!

What is your relationship with other Artistes (especially those based in Ibadan City)?
Well, we're all one. we come together always to get things done and also we are always together either partying or in the studio doing our thing as usual.  Likes of Sheun Natural, Portah, Fabulous Pizzy, Keanzo, Paramount Guyz, we're all one. No Beef between ourselves..

Where do you think you'll be in 4-5years to come?
(smiles) Where some big fish dey!. As i said earlier, I'm not sleeping, so I'm praying to God to hear my silent prayer cos everyone wishes to be Heard all over the world and wanna make it Big time.

Is OlaNextee in any Relationship?
(smiles) I'm in a Relationship with Music and I'm happy to be in that Relationship...

Any words of Encouragement for other Aspiring Artistes out there looking up to be great one day??
Well, i'll say to them to be focused, Never loose hope, They should be prayerful always and with time they will get to the Top!!!


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