Article: The Outcome Of Your Youth life Is The Income Of Your Old Age [ BY POPOOLA OLUWATOLANI MICHAEL]


On this note am placing my stands more on today’s youth who are the hope and the people who decide the future of every family, society and nation. Youths have prominent role to play any place they find themselves sooner or later. Youth period is the best time to debate on your ambition and how you want to live when you are old. Likewise, a time of choice. “IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN FOR THE FUTURE IN YOUR YOUTH SEASON, YOU HAVE UNKNOWINGLY ACCEPTED TASTELESS FUTURE”.
   An english proverb says; HE WHO FAILS TO PLAN,
PLANS TO FAIL Youth season is the most critical period, which nobody should exchange it for worthless things (Clubbing, Drinking, Football betting etc). Your youth life define you, when you are old. It has been obnoxious to utter that; today’s youth are not vehemently prepared for the future, maybe they didn’t have the clue of the term “FUTURE”. Future is a tourism that give you a bright and clue picture how you used your youth life.
         An english proverb says ” WHERE YOU STOOD IN YOUR YOUTH GIVES YOU CLUE; WHERE YOU WILL SIT WHEN YOU ARE OLD”. But it’s a bombshell that today’s youth are not preparing for the future. In the ancient days, any woman that her husband didn’t meet with her VIRGINITY will be jetted out of her matrimonial resident but ladies of today have no value to their pride (VIRGINITY). But the truth is VIRGINITY IS THE PRIDE OF EVERY LADY.
   During election many youths en massed to the polling unit for the interest of their pocket, rather than the development of their country and it’s future. Many even fight and turned to hoodlums because of token amount of money. Well I am not saying, youths should be apolitical; but they should be able to vote with true conscience.
       An english proverb says “IF YOU MUST BE A LEADER YOU MUST BE A READER”. Before anyone’s will be appointed or elected to any government post it will take God’s grace and the collective format of his/her education but today’s youth are apathy to school, they prefer to give away their time for shopping, drinking, clubbing and awful acts that why politics is losing people, mostly young people. It has been so horrific to utter that; today’s youth are nowhere to be found in politics compare to ancient’s youth.
    Likes of Ex. President Olusegun Obasanjo, and newly elected President Muhammadu Buhari all hit the post of the Head of State at their youth age and presently they are still active in politics. What a slap to the Nigeria’s youth. Our ancient politicians are still the one dominating
government post and no youth has been brave to contest with them.
     Over some decade, Nigeria have being a nation covered with the fear of insurgency named BOKO HARM. Words in the street have classified it to be religious fight while some citizens believes it’s a political fight; but it’s so awful, to conjecture that all suspects caught by soldiers and other security agencies are youth. Call the BOKO HRAM insurgency all sort of names the truth is, the population of the people dominating the group are youth.
      An english tale says; WORK WITHOUT PLAY, MAKES JACK A DULL BOY. I concurred with the tale but the “PLAY” listed doesn’t highlight playing inhuman and tasteless play.
Today’s youth find it irritating to download and listen to inspirational songs all they have on their music player are inhuman and tasteless musics, videos etc If there is an equilibrium between work and play, then I don’t foresee any problem radically. Is obvious that today’s youth disregard reading, learning and studying with no doubt, it reflects in today’s moral and educational performance
      Today’s youth ardor to dress indecent, but the question is, “who are they emulating?” Because have never seen President dressed indecent, have never seen Doctor dressed indecent, have never seen an Accountant dressed indecent, neither have I seen any didactic and educated professional dressed indecent. Fashion has been the order of the day to today’s youth. They prefer to empty their money on designers, bags, clothes shoes etc. What is fashion going to add to your youth season? I am not discouraging fashion neither am I chiding it but “THERE IS TIME FOR EVERYTHING” There are time these fashion will have value and respect, if you put on designers but you can not be brave of your bank account, it is a shameful thing. First as a youth, I charge you to focus on your future, have faith in it and force out for your dream to become reality and when all your labour array, you can dress and put on designers without anybody’s probing you.
     Now that technology have make research painless compare to ancient days, which is a big plus to our generation, it’s so shabby to say that this same technology has been a complete mess to us. Pupils and students desire not to research, download what will educate, inspire and didactic them but rather research and download what will render their future tasteless by using the popular engine search “GOOGLE” when it’s come to their notice that some rap or pop musicians have dropped an album. Imagine today’s youth calling these weird musicians their model and mentor, when there are didactic model and mentor who have legitimately passed inspirational and moral messages through their lyrics, rhythms and melody.
Millions of people don’t know that earth is temporary and there is another world after death which have two folds (Heaven and Hell), prepare for every soul; but it’s unfavourable that our life we be the one to train where we will spend our eternity . My Dear Youth, it’s never too late for you to change now for a better living. The fact that you are training on the wrong path doesn’t make you to arrive at the right destination but if you switch to the right path not thinking of the years you have spent on the wrong path you will definitely get to the right destination.
   The world is not wholly of emulating, there is nothing sweet and value in this world than that in heaven. Let all your focus and thinking be the one that vies with God and will make your future tasteful.
Written and Compose By Popoola Oluwatolani Michael
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