Dear parents, If your child underperforms in school, It's your fault! - Education Expert exclaims


A lot of parents get frustrated when their child is under-performing in school, they often feel they have done everything to support them. Well it’s a New Year and it’s the best time to help your child have a positive approach to learning as they resume at school. So what can you do differently to give your child the boost they need?
We caught up with Prepclass Nigeria's Education consulting company and providers of home lesson teachers and personal tutors in Lagos to ask the most effective strategy to helping kids improve fast. And this is what they said:

Why do students underperform in class?
From a pedagogical point of view, the main reason why students fail is because they get left behind at some point during the classes, they see other students getting it so they become frustrated or shy andgive up. Take a moment to think about it, the average teacher to student ratio is 1 to 30 in Lagos. This means 1 teacher has to be accountable for 30 students,it’s reallyvery tough to carry everyone along, slow learners are left behind and often no notices.

Young children approach learning in different ways, one on one attention guarantees that the child is carefully carried along and fundamental concepts are perfectly mastered before anything else is introduced.  It is very important that children especially those between 5 -14 years have access to one on one sessions where they get the full attention of their teachers

So can I help boost my child's academic performance?

Yes you can. It is not as difficult as some parents always think it is actually. If a mother can devote 2 - 3 hours of her time daily to assist the child with assignments and general studies, there is a 70% guarantee that the child's grades would improve. However, because of the economic situation of Nigeria, both Father and Mother have to work 8am - 5pm daily.
With our lesson teacher service, we can guarantee parents that while they are at work, their children would get full attention of a sound tutor who can either help their child master difficult concepts taught in class or help them get ahead of their peers

So you guys help parents get lesson teachers for kids. Interesting! How does that work exactly?
We work with teachers from different schools all over Lagos highly skilled and qualified to be home tutors. Most of our tutors currently teach at reputable schools or have had training from schools like Corona and Meadow Hall in Lagos.  Currently we have over 4000 teachers registered with us as tutors

We have a simple 3 steps approach

1. As a parent you simply request for a lesson teacher by filling this form.
2. Depending on the parameters you fill(location, preferred budget, sex, class of child) we immediately show you a list of suitable tutors from which you select your preference
3. Our cusotmer agent calls you to confirm the order and inform you of the next steps
Alternatively we can be reached on our hotline, 01-2913970

Wow,what is the cost implication for all this?
Laughs..Quite frankly we are not as pricey as a lot parents would assume. You can see below our pricing package.

Premium Package [Recommended] For Parents Paying  N45,000 and Above Monthly
Classic Package
For Parents Paying N20,000 to N45,000.
Required Upfront Payment (Fully refundable)
N3,000 registration fee as a Prepclass client to be collected upon visitation
50% of your desired budget (with possibility of full refund)
On-boarding Process
We visit your home or office at your desired time to fully document your academic goalsfor your child. After which we send a qualified teacher that meets your specifications.
We engage the parent in a long and detailed call to ascertain their needs. We­­ inform our registered teachers of your request and budget (N20k - N45k). We then give you the contact details of the 2 most suitable tutors, we also facilitate the meeting to ensure you meet a tutor of your choice.
Follow – Up
Monthly reviews and analytics of the kid’s academic performance
Very regular follow ups with clients
Follow ups with tutors to ensure that teaching is done according to standard practice
We follow up periodically to ensure that the client is happy.

Experience of Teacher
Experienced teachers who have taught in highbrow schools such as Greenspring, Grange, Corona, or at least have had formal training from such schools.
Experienced Teachers of other schools with less experience or fresh brilliant university graduate
Monthly Payment
Prepclass receives all payment and remits to teacher
Prepclass only receives the initial 50%, afterwards you pay the tutor directly.

Sounds great, we are sure some parents might have more questions. How can you be reached?
We can be reached by phone on 01-2913970 or email Alternatively parents can visit our website at or check out our frequently asked questions
Any Last Words ?
Well for parents that have children looking to write the 2015 JAMB CBT exams. We also have a platform with a plethora of past question materials categorized according to the standard curriculum. The initial access is absolutely free for 15 questions. However, to get full 3 months access, parents have to pay N1K. To get access to that click here or call 01-2913970.

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