An invitation to join the next big thing in mobile advertising

Deal Terms For business owners,organizations and Government:

1.You send to us Flyers,audios,photos, apps,videos,text or anything about your business/organization
2.We will  then turn non video information to video and  display same just before phone calls connect and credit subscribers who view your advert with airtime,data bundles, movie tickets and cash across all GSM and CDMA Networks on android devices.
3.We will lead them to your Facebook, website or any actionable landing page to hold their attention at  the end of the call and make them engaged to your brand.

Deal Terms For "I Declare" Segment For churches
4."I Declare" is a segment which allow pastors to declare a one minute dose of  the various promises, encouragement and more of God in the bible to be displayed in Video before phone calls connect.We will then  set an auto calendar  reminder of the church's weekly and other activities and events on their mobile screen, days or hours  prior to the events for those who might ve seen the video based declaration on phone calls.
Deal Terms for Individuals: send to us five to six of your  selfie  photos. videos  or  any thing about  you or friend's birthday, weddings, child dedication,Vacation pictures, burial announcements,congratulatory messages,social network pages etc.
2.We will turn your text and photos to video and display same on phone calls, set reminders of your events and lead subscribers and friends to any landing page of your choice.
Deal Terms For TV, Radio stations and Movie Producers:
1.You send to us your  programme announcement,Breaking news,movie trailers etc with their scheduled time of telecast and movie trailers
2.We will show off same in Videos just before calls connect and set calendar reminders on the subscriber's mobile home screen prior to broadcast and telecast and reward subscribers 
 Deal Terms For Subscribers (Android Phones)
#1. Customer dials a number to call.
#2. Before a call connects, we auto-ask him if he would like to see an ad.
#3. Once he agrees, the video advertisement plays for few seconds and then connects his call.
#4. Reward points are credited in his account
#5. Post his call, he is directed to a page that draws him to interact with the brand.
#6. The video even serves up in HD quality in a poor or no network area.
General Business Video Directory On Call Deal  Terms
You send to us information about your business. We turn same into video and display just before phone calls connect along side other businesses in your category. Categories includes #myboutique,#mychurch,#myevents,#myhotel #naijaproperty #myshop etc.
1.Some Group Of Advertisers Will receive A username/Password for instant access of  who has seen and interacted with their ads While some will receive monthly reports.
2.Advertisers from now till Febuary 20th,2015 of any category  becomes a  joint venture partners and receives  100% cash they  spent on the first month anually or exchange same for free ad displays.
3.ConnectMore is pre-embedded in millions of android phones and will pop automatically on calls. It will also pop up before apps in the phone are launched if same is set up by the subscriber or viewed in-app.Where such is not seen the user  gets an alternative by downloading Madcall Connect on Google play store.
4.The bundle is also trending  in Asia and Europe and managed by  major mobile operators likeMTS, Idea, Tata and others attracting top brands with more than one hundred and fifty million ad views served already in quality HD with little or no data in the device.
RATE:Five Naira per view(10-15% shared with the viewer)
           -Eight Naira per view and click (10-15% shared with the viewer)
           -Ten Naira Per view and Visit(10-15% shared with the viewer)
RATE PER VIDEO LISTING:Five Naira per 200 listing(10-15% shared with the viewer)
                             This is a cool deal .Isn't it?


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