Blue Gate Launches 55” Android Television

Imagine –
. The thrill of streaming your favourite movies straight into your TVin high definition.
· If you could download and enjoy all of your favourite games and apps from Google Playstore using a high definition,Wi-Fi-enabled TV.
. If you could access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & other social media platforms via your big screen
· Checking your e-mails or using the Google search engine via your high definition TV.

Then imagine the all-new BLUE GATE 55” Android TV that allows you do all of these and more.Quite simply, this TV has redefined the concept of home entertainment. 
TheBLUE GATE 55” Android TV is a delightful product that brings the amazing world of Android aliveinto your television screens. The Television comes equipped with easy-to-use, intuitive functions, several connectivity choices for gadgets (smart phones and tablets) and a modern stand that makes it too sleek to ignore. It comes in an attractive ultra slim bezel that you just want to pinch to feel that slim feature. With this TV,home entertainment is nowmore engaging and exciting. Indeed, the BLUE GATE 55” Android TV gives you the freedom to choose how you want to be entertained and creates opportunities for more people to join the fun.
That’s not all. With external accessories, users can Skype and video chat and enjoy images and pictures in full-high definition. You can also log on to yourfavouritesites like Google, Face book, Twitter, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia etc. right on the TV browser and the TV provides enough memory to download desired Apps.
Okay you can stop imagining. It's the Christmas seasonwith the lights and the decorations. Why not get yourself andyour loved ones a BLUE GATE 55” Android TV and make every viewing experience count.Treat yourself to a wide range of options on how to interact on social media, access live information and create those special moments and family time in the comfort of the office, home or wherever.
BLUE GATE 55” Android TV is available in select retail shops nationwide and comes with one-year full warranty.
Contact Details:
Twitter: @bluegateworld


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